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Blog / Ann Spangler: Are Attitudes Toward the Bible Changing?

Ann Spangler: Are Attitudes Toward the Bible Changing?

Last month, as part of our 20th anniversary video series, we asked pastor Jim Cymabala if he thought people’s attitudes toward the Bible were changing.

Today’s video clip features author and speaker Ann Spangler answering the same question. Ann has written a number of different devotional books, many of them with a focus on women—and she’s also worked for many years as an editor in the publishing world, all of which has given her an interesting and broad perspective on cultural attitudes toward Scripture. Here’s how she answers the question Have you seen a recent shift in attitudes towards the Bible?

What do you think of Ann’s answer? Does it reflect trends you’ve observed in your community, or in your own life? Stop by our page on Facebook to share your thoughts.

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