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Eight Questions to Ask When You Read the Old Testament

It’s not a secret that many people, Christians included, find the Old Testament more challenging and difficult to understand than the New Testament. The reasons for this are many and much-discussed; foremost among them is the great cultural and literary gap between our era and Iron Age Mesopotamia. What it means is that while Christians […]

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Lexham English Bible Now Available on Bible Gateway

We’re pleased to announce a new addition to our library of Bibles: the Lexham English Bible (LEB) New Testament! Two major characteristics distinguish the LEB from other modern Bible translations.

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Three Examples of Healing in Acts

The last time I read through the book of Acts, I paid particular attention to the miracles of the apostles. I was a bit surprised to note how often the apostles performed miracles, especially physical healing.

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Why Jesus’ parables stand out

Despite being one of the most-quoted religious speakers in all of history, Jesus’ recorded public addresses are strikingly different than the sermons and speeches we are accustomed to hearing from religious leaders today….

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