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Today is International Day of the Bible

The International Day of the Bible (@IntlDayofBible) is celebrated Monday, Nov. 23, at noon in local time zones around the world. People of all ages are invited to participate by pausing for a few minutes to read or sing Scripture or otherwise creatively express their love of the Bible. Use Bible Gateway’s variety of Bibles […]

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The Undeniable Reliability of Scripture: An Interview with Josh McDowell

Are you prepared to answer if a person should ask you why you trust the Bible? Can you articulate how Scripture communicates the very awe, mystery, passion, and power of God? And how God’s Word is living, relevant, reliable, and historically trustworthy? Do you believe that God not only used transformative words to bring about […]

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The Bible’s Top-10 Wicked Women

The following guest blogpost is by Ann Spangler (@annspangler). In her new book Wicked Women of the Bible (Zondervan, 2015), Ann tells the stories of 20 wicked and “wicked good” women in greater detail. At the end of each story, Ann provides a brief section including additional historical and cultural background as well as a […]

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Original Translator’s Draft Provides Earliest Known Look at the King James Bible

It’s been an exciting month for fans and historians of the King James Bible: scholars have identified a set of original translator’s notes that give us our earliest known look at how the King James Bible took shape: …in the archives of Sidney Sussex College there survives now the earliest known draft of any part […]

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Owl Husbands, Persecuting Printers, and More: Famous Typos in the Bible

Christians believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, safeguarded through the generations by God’s hand. But physical copies of the Bible are typeset, printed, and published by fallible humans, which means that the occasional typographical error slips through. There have been some impressively unfortunate typos in the long publishing history of the […]

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Zondervan Academic and BibleMesh Collaborate to Offer Online Distance Learning Courses

Zondervan Academic (@ZonderAcademic), a division of HarperCollins Christian Publishing, and BibleMesh (@BibleMesh), a producer of online courses for theological education, have entered a collaboration that will further both entities’ interest in distance learning. Online courses offered through this new collaboration will be available to colleges and seminaries for use in their curriculum, as well as […]

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How to Study the Bible: An Interview with Mel Lawrenz

We’re just a week or so away from beginning our new free weekly series How to Study the Bible on this blog and by email delivery. It’s a follow-up to our very popular series How to Understand the Bible that we published. Bible Gateway interviewed pastor Mel Lawrenz (@MelLawrenz), author of Spiritual Influence: The Hidden […]

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“Made for You” Quarterly Theme Celebrates 50th Anniversary of the NIV Commissioning

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the commissioning of the world’s most read modern-English Bible, the New International Version (NIV), Zondervan (@Zondervan) and Biblica (@BiblicaMinistry) have partnered on a year-long commemorative #NIV50 campaign featuring quarterly themes that recognize the different ways the NIV has impacted the Christian church. The fourth theme of the year is […]

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Read Your Bible Better: New Practical Lessons on Bible Study Beginning Soon

Do you study the Bible? Do you want to? Most Christians would agree that regular Bible reading is an important and beneficial activity. But is there a difference between reading Scripture and studying it? The word study carries connotations of laborious work and difficult reading. But that’s not what Bible study actually looks like. Several […]

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Four Ways to Celebrate Bible Translation Day

Looking for a reason to celebrate this week? You’re in luck—today is Bible Translation Day! [Watch Wycliffe’s 2015 Scripture Celebration video.] You probably won’t find a Hallmark card for Bible Translation Day, but it’s nonetheless a good opportunity to think about an important topic. Christians believe that God has preserved the text of the Bible […]

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