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Latest Bible-Related Research

Support Bible Gateway—Browse the Bible Gateway Store ⇨ ▼ Here is a continually updated collection of the latest research regarding the Bible: [Read the Bible on Bible Gateway] [Sign up for the Bible Verse of the Day from Bible Gateway] [Browse the Bible section in the Bible Gateway Store] ▼ Bible Translated Into 49 […]

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Poll: What Bible Reading Resolutions Are You Making for the New Year?

A new year is right around the corner, and we all know what the means: New Year’s Resolutions! What Bible-related resolution(s) are you making for 2017? Share your plans in the poll below. Thousands already have! Try your 30-Day free trial today!Remove banner ads and expand your Bible reading experience using our valuable library of […]

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Perspective: Bible Still Most Accepted Despite Being Included on ALA List of Top 10 Most Challenged Books

According to a new report, the Bible is among the most criticized books at public schools and libraries across the country. Out of 275 challenges in 2015 recorded by the American Library Association (ALA) Office for Intellectual Freedom, the Bible ranks in the top ten at number six. The ALA says people complaining think putting […]

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Bible Gateway March Mania Brackets

If you’re a fan of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament, you know what March Madness is all about. In single-elimination tournament games, 68 college basketball teams compete to determine the national champion and people across America follow along with their own March Madness brackets. This year has been especially […]

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Take this Survey About the NIV Bible Translation

Zondervan is conducting a survey to hear your opinions about the New International Version (NIV) Bible translation. The survey should take you 10-12 minutes. Plenty of space is allowed for you to tell Zondervan, in your own words, your thoughts and opinions about the NIV. All responses are anonymous and confidential. Upon completion of the […]

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Survey: What Are Your Bible Reading Resolutions for 2016?

Are you making any Bible reading resolutions for the New Year? Share in the survey below to share your Bible reading plans for 2016. If you want to read the Bible more in 2016 but aren’t sure where to start, our New Year’s Bible reading resources can help.

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Bible News Roundup – Week of December 27, 2015

Read this week’s Bible Gateway Weekly Brief newsletter ⇨ Bible Gateway Weekly Brief ⇨ Newsletter signup ▼ Support Bible Gateway—Browse the Bible Gateway Store ⇨ ▼ The Top 10 Bible Verses of 2015 And More: Bible Gateway’s Year in Review Is Here ⇨ Bible Gateway Blog ⇨ Christianity Today: Bible on Demand—What 160 Million […]

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Do You Need A Reminder to Include the Bible in Thanksgiving?

Our recent blog survey asked the question, “How do you integrate the Bible into your Thanksgiving Day family celebration?” Only 237 votes were cast, however, 30% selected the answer, “We haven’t included the Bible, but we will now.” The other answers and their corresponding votes were: We don’t include the Bible (22%) We read Psalm […]

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Poll: Bible Gateway Users Split on NT/OT Books As Favorite

More than 2,800 Bible Gateway Blog readers responded to our latest survey, telling us their favorite book of the Bible (from a prepared list of four New Testament (NT) books and four Old Testament (OT) books). Answering the question, “Of the books of the Bible listed, which one is your favorite?,” the following list developed: […]

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Poll: People Don’t Bring a Print Bible on Summer Vacation

Since the beginning of the summer (in the Northern Hemisphere), we’ve been asking Bible Gateway Blog readers to answer the question: “When do you read your Bible while on family vacation?” Surprisingly, the most selected answer (27%) by the more than 1,600 people responding is: “I don’t pack a Bible.” This might mean that they […]

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