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Most People Prefer to Memorize Scripture Without “Thee” and “Thou”

The majority of Bible Gateway users responding to an online survey say they use modern English Bible translations to devote Scripture verses to memory. We asked blog readers “What English Bible translation do you primarily use to memorize Scripture?” More than 2,000 of you responded. Of that number, 63% chose Bible versions other than the […]

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Most People Wish They Knew More About the Bible

The majority of Bible Gateway users responding to an online survey say they wish they knew more about the Bible than they currently do. Readers of the Bible Gateway Blog were asked “How do you describe your personal knowledge of the Bible?,” to which more than 2,000 responded. Of that number, a total of 59% […]

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People Overwhelmingly Use Print Bibles in Church

Whether it’s leather, hardcover, or softcover, the vast majority of Bible Gateway users responding to an online survey say they use print, not digital, versions of the Bible when they attend their worship services. Readers of the Bible Gateway Blog were asked “What edition of the Bible do you most often take to church?,” to […]

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75% in USA Believe the Bible is in Some Way Connected to God

Three in four Americans say they believe the Bible is the Word of God, according to a recently released Gallup (@Gallup) survey. But 21% consider it fables and history. These statistics mirror the percentage of Americans identifying themselves as Christian (76%) and non-Christian (22%) in Gallup’s 2013 religion aggregate. [See our previous blogpost, A Summary […]

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A Summary of Recent Bible Reading Surveys

The Bible remains America’s favorite book, according to the most recent Harris Poll. This year, just as in 2008 when The Harris Poll last asked this question, the number one book is the Bible. It’s now followed by Gone with the Wind, Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, and To Kill a Mockingbird. The […]

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Bible Gateway Users Like to Talk About the Bible

An overwhelming majority of people who use to search and read the Bible include the Bible several times a week in their everyday discussions, according to our most recent online poll, in which 4,460 people voted. In answer to the question, “How often do you talk about the Bible in your normal course of […]

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Did You Identify These Bible Quotes?

Have you taken our Bible quote quiz yet? In it, we provide 16 quotes and challenge you to identify which are from the Bible, and which are from popular fantasy novels like The Lord of the Rings and A Game of Thrones. Many of you are telling us that you enjoyed the quiz, so I […]

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Stark, Slytherin, Sauron, or Scripture? Identify These Quotes

In light of Hollywood’s abundance of Bible-related films this year, we thought it would be interesting to create a brief test to see how well you can discern Scripture from literary and movie script. The quiz below contains 16 quotes. It’s up to you to decide which ones are from the Bible, The Lord of […]

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“Noah” Generates a Flood of Bible Readers Over the Weekend

Christian critics have given Noah mixed reviews, but one thing Darren Aronofsky’s epic did accomplish was to get people reading the original story of Noah in the Bible. Over the weekend, visits to the Noah story in Genesis 6-9 at Bible Gateway saw a 223% increase over the previous weekend! I imagine this represents a […]

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What’s the Place of the Bible in American Christianity? Surprising Results from a New Survey

There have been quite a few surveys in recent years looking to better understand the ways that American Christians do and don’t put their personal faith into practice. Every time I hear of a new survey, I never know if I’m going to be pleasantly surprised or just depressed by what it reveals about the […]

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