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People Overwhelmingly Use Print Bibles in Church

Whether it’s leather, hardcover, or softcover, the vast majority of Bible Gateway users responding to an online survey say they use print, not digital, versions of the Bible when they attend their worship services.

Readers of the Bible Gateway Blog were asked “What edition of the Bible do you most often take to church?,” to which more than 17,000 responded. Of that number, a total of 95% bring their hardcover (31%), fashionable color leather or simulated leather (31%), black leather (30%), or softcover (2%) bound Bibles to church or use the pew Bible (1%) supplied by the church during the service.

As for digital texts, only 2% use a Bible app on their smartphones and 1% on their tablets.

A mere one-tenth of 1% choose to bring to church only the New Testament and not the entire Bible.

Two percent of those who responded don’t take a Bible to church at all, nor do they use a pew Bible.

Given the general popularity of reading content on smartphones and tablets, we’re surprised the poll percentage is so miniscule, especially among users of a digital Bible resource like Bible Gateway. This does seem to indicate that however people access Scripture during their weekday lives, they still reach first for their print Bibles when the weekly worship service rolls around.

(To that end, don’t forget you can visit the Bible Gateway Store to view currently available Bible editions.)

Our next Bible Gateway poll asks “How do you describe your personal knowledge of the Bible?” Cast your vote below:

How do you describe your personal knowledge of the Bible?

  • Wish I knew more (64%, 1,424 Votes)
  • Comfortably knowledgeable (30%, 656 Votes)
  • A Bible scholar (9%, 196 Votes)
  • About all I know are some of the names of the books, but not in order (4%, 93 Votes)
  • Completely ignorant with no desire to change (1%, 25 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,214

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