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Blog / Bible Gateway’s Most “Bible-Minded” Cities in the UK and Australia

Bible Gateway’s Most “Bible-Minded” Cities in the UK and Australia

Croydon, England and Richmond, Victoria rank #1 as Bible Gateway’s most “Bible-minded cities in the United Kingdom and Australia respectively for 2013.

In our previous posts—“What Are Bible Gateway’s Most “Bible-Minded” USA Cities?” and “Bible Gateway’s Most “Bible-Minded” Cities in Canada”—we assembled usage data from 2013 of visitors to that indicate Bible Gateway’s popularity in USA and Canadian cities while also adjusting for population. We’ve now done the same thing with visitor data from UK and Australian cities and compiled a list of the top 50 cities from each. Remember, our data show overall usage regardless of how the reader (visitor) feels about the Bible’s accuracy.

[UPDATE: Read our summary post What Does it Mean to be “Bible-minded”?]

The colors on the following maps indicate usage: dark blue are those cities where Bible Gateway is most popular, light blue are next, then light red, then dark red. The larger the size of the dot, the more relative pageviews occurred from that location on Bible Gateway (the Australia data is relative due to the size of pageviews per resident).

Here are the complete lists:

Top 50 UK Cities on Bible Gateway in 2013

Bible Gateway’s Most “Bible-Minded” Cities in the United Kingdom

  1. Croydon, ENG
  2. Teddington, ENG
  3. Cambridge, ENG
  4. Guildford, ENG
  5. Oxford, ENG
  6. Canterbury, ENG
  7. Norwich, ENG
  8. Belfast, NIR
  9. Halesowen, ENG
  10. Preston, ENG
  11. Brighton, ENG
  12. Reading, ENG
  13. Maidenhead, ENG
  14. Aberdeen, SCT
  15. Bath, ENG
  16. Manchester, ENG
  17. Woking, ENG
  18. Newcastle upon Tyne, ENG
  19. Cardiff, WAL
  20. London, ENG
  21. Edinburgh, SCT
  22. Worcester, ENG
  23. Bristol, ENG
  24. Southampton, ENG
  25. Liverpool, ENG
  26. Northampton, ENG
  27. Leicester, ENG
  28. Milton Keynes, ENG
  29. Nottingham, ENG
  30. Exeter, ENG
  31. Slough, ENG
  32. Glasgow, SCT
  33. Bournemouth, ENG
  34. Cheltenham, ENG
  35. Sheffield, ENG
  36. Birmingham, ENG
  37. Wolverhampton, ENG
  38. Ipswich, ENG
  39. York, ENG
  40. Derby, ENG
  41. Poplar, ENG
  42. Leeds, ENG
  43. Luton, ENG
  44. Dundee, SCT
  45. Stoke-on-Trent, ENG
  46. Coventry, ENG
  47. Plymouth, ENG
  48. Chelmsford, ENG
  49. Swansea, WAL
  50. Bradford, ENG

Top 50 Australia Cities on Bible Gateway in 2013

Bible Gateway’s Most “Bible-Minded” Cities in Australia

  1. Richmond, Vic
  2. Cranbourne, Vic
  3. Sydney, NSW
  4. Brisbane, Qld
  5. Adelaide, SA
  6. Canberra, ACT
  7. Perth, WA
  8. Melbourne, Vic
  9. Hobart, Tas
  10. Victoria Point, Qld
  11. Armidale, NSW
  12. Launceston, Tas
  13. Moe, Vic
  14. Murray Bridge, SA
  15. Gawler, SA
  16. Warrnambool, Vic
  17. Echuca, Vic
  18. Toowoomba, Qld
  19. Geelong, Vic
  20. Craigieburn, Vic
  21. Newcastle, NSW
  22. Port Macquarie, NSW
  23. Gold Coast, Qld
  24. Cairns, Qld
  25. Traralgon, Vic
  26. Ballarat, Vic
  27. Mildura, Vic
  28. Bathurst, NSW
  29. Shepparton, Vic
  30. Darwin, NT
  31. Orange, NSW
  32. Taree, NSW
  33. Lismore, NSW
  34. Townsville, Qld
  35. Wollongong, NSW
  36. Melton, Vic
  37. Bendigo, Vic
  38. Wagga Wagga, NSW
  39. Albury, NSW
  40. Albany, WA
  41. Mackay, Qld
  42. Dubbo, NSW
  43. Bundaberg, Qld
  44. Central Coast, NSW
  45. Gladstone, Qld
  46. Redcliffe, Qld
  47. Coffs Harbour, NSW
  48. Tamworth, NSW
  49. Rockhampton, Qld
  50. Sunshine Coast, Qld

We have several United Kingdom and Australian bloggers as members of the Bible Gateway Blogger Grid. You may also be interested in reading our blogpost, 2013 Year in Review on Bible Gateway.

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