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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 1015 God
1015 God

1015 God

The Creator and Redeemer of the world, who reveals himself in Scripture and in Jesus Christ, and who is loved, worshipped and adored by believers. Scripture stresses the personal nature of God, and also his total reliability and trustworthiness. God is the Father of Jesus Christ and of all believers.

This set of themes consists of the following:

1020God, all-knowing
1025God, anger of
1030God, compassion of
1035God, faithfulness of
1040God, fatherhood of
1045God, glory of
1050God, goodness of
1055God, grace and mercy of
1060God, greatness of
1065God, holiness of
1070God, joy of
1075God, justice of
1080God, living and self-sustaining
1085God, love of
1090God, majesty of
1095God, patience of
1100God, perfection of
1105God, power of
1110God, present everywhere
1115God, purpose of
1120God, repentance of
1125God, righteousness of
1130God, sovereignty of
1135God, suffering of
1140God, the eternal
1145God, transcendence of
1150God, truth of
1155God, truthfulness of
1160God, unchangeableness of
1165God, uniqueness of
1170God, unity of
1175God, will of
1180God, wisdom of
1185God, zeal of