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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 1090 God, majesty of
1090 God, majesty of

1090 God, majesty of

The greatness and splendour of God, revealed in his creation and mighty works of deliverance. On account of his majesty, God is worthy of praise and adoration from all people.

God is majestic

Heb 8:1 See also 1Sa 15:29; Ps 24:10 The word translated “glory” also means “majesty”; Heb 1:3-4

Majesty belongs to God

1Ch 29:11 See also Ps 145:12; Jude 25

God’s majesty is awesome

Job 37:22 See also Isa 2:10,19,21

God’s character is majestic

Ps 93:1 A figurative expression indicating that God is fully majestic. See also Ex 15:11; Ps 104:1; Ps 145:5; Isa 24:14; Isa 26:10

God’s activity is majestic

Ex 15:6-7 “hand” is a symbol of God’s power which accomplishes his purposes. See also Dt 9:26; Dt 11:2-3; 2Ch 20:6; Ps 111:3; Lk 9:43

God’s name is majestic

Ps 8:1 See also Ps 8:9

God’s voice is majestic

Ps 29:4 See also Job 37:4; Isa 30:30

God’s presence is majestic

1Ch 16:27 See also Ps 96:6; 2Th 1:9; 2Pe 1:17

The risen Christ shares in God’s majesty

2Pe 1:16-17 See also Heb 1:3-4; Heb 8:1

God’s delegated majesty

To the Messiah Mic 5:4 See also Zec 9:9

To kings Ps 21:5 See also Ps 45:3-4; Ps 110:2-3

God’s majesty provides help for his people

Ps 68:34-35 See also Ex 15:6; Dt 33:26-27

Experiences of God’s majesty

Isa 6:1-4 Isaiah’s vision; Eze 1:4-28 Ezekiel’s vision; Hab 3:3-6 Habakkuk’s description of God’s person and work; Rev 4:1-11 John’s vision

Human responses to the majesty of God

An awareness of sin Isa 6:5

An awareness of insignificance See also Isa 40:15

Worship and adoration of God 1Ch 16:29; Ps 92:1-8; Ps 93:1; Ps 95:3-6; Lk 1:46

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