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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 1170 God, unity of
1170 God, unity of

1170 God, unity of

God acts as a unity in all his deeds. The three persons of the Trinity are united in one Godhead. They are interrelated with one another, share the same attributes and co-operate in the same work. God’s characteristics are consistent, expressing his integral divine nature.

God is one

Dt 6:4 See also Mk 12:29,32; 1Co 8:4; Gal 3:20; Eph 4:5-6; 1Ti 2:5; Jas 2:19

The three persons of the Trinity are united in one Godhead

All three are interrelated Ro 8:9-11 The interchange between the persons of the Trinity reflects their unity in terms of activity. See also Jn 14:23; 2Co 13:14; Eph 2:18; 1Pe 1:2

The Son is one with the Father Jn 10:30 See also Mt 10:40; Mk 9:37 pp Lk 9:48; Lk 10:16; Jn 8:16; Jn 14:9

The Spirit is one with God 2Sa 23:2-3 See also Ps 51:11; 1Co 3:16

The three persons are one in character

All three are eternal Ro 16:26 the Father; Isa 9:6 the Son; Heb 9:14 the Spirit

All three are all-knowing Isa 40:13-14 the Father The Son: Jn 2:24-25; Jn 21:17
1Co 2:10-11 the Spirit

All three are holy Jn 17:11 the Father The Son: Mk 1:24; Ac 3:14 The Spirit: Jn 14:26; Ro 1:4

All three are called Lord and God The Father: Mt 11:25; Ac 3:22; 1Co 8:6 The Son: Jn 1:1; Jn 20:28; Ac 10:36; 2Pe 1:1 The Spirit: Ac 5:3-4; 2Co 3:17-18

All three are glorious The Father: Ac 7:2; Eph 1:17 The Son: Jn 1:14; Jn 12:41 The Spirit: 2Co 3:8,18; 1Pe 4:14

The three persons share in the same work

In creation Ge 1:1-3 See also Ps 33:6; Ps 104:30; Jn 1:3-4; Col 1:16

In Jesus Christ’s ministry Jn 3:34 See also Ac 10:38

In salvation 1Pe 1:2 See also 2Co 1:21-22; Tit 3:4-6

In indwelling the church Eph 2:22 The Spirit indwells believers: 1Co 3:16; 1Co 6:19 The Son indwells believers: Gal 2:20; Eph 3:17

In directing the church’s mission Ac 16:6-10 The Father directs mission: Ac 14:27; Gal 1:1 The Son directs mission: Mt 28:18-20; Ac 1:7-8 The Spirit directs mission: Ac 13:2,4

God’s characteristics are consistent

His love and justice are in unity Ex 34:6-7 See also 2Sa 7:14-15; Ps 103:6-8; Ro 3:25-26

His wrath and mercy are in unity Joel 2:11-13 See also Jn 3:16-18 It is particularly in the cross of Jesus Christ that the perfect balance between God’s wrath and justice and his love and mercy are seen; Ro 2:4,7-8

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