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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 1040 God, fatherhood of
1040 God, fatherhood of

1040 God, fatherhood of

Primarily signifying God’s paternal relationship to Jesus Christ, the term also refers to God’s fatherly relationship to his creation, especially to believers as the “children of God”.

Aspects of the fatherhood of God

He is the Creator and provider 1Co 8:6 See also Dt 32:6,18; Isa 64:8; Ac 17:24-28

He shows love and compassion Hos 11:1 See also Ps 103:13; Jer 3:19; 2Co 1:3

He exercises his providence and care Ps 68:5 See also Mt 6:26,31-33 pp Lk 12:29-31; Mt 7:11 pp Lk 11:13

He disciplines and corrects Dt 8:5 See also Pr 3:11-12; Heb 12:5-6

God as the Father of Jesus Christ

Mt 3:17 pp Mk 1:11 pp Lk 3:22 See also Mt 11:27; Lk 2:49; Jn 5:17-18; Jn 17:11; Jn 20:17; Ro 15:6; Eph 1:3
1Pe 1:3 See also 1Jn 1:3

God is the father of Israel

He cares for his covenant people Jer 31:9 See also Ex 4:22; Dt 14:1; Dt 32:6,18; Isa 63:16; Mal 2:10

He is the father of the kings of Israel 2Sa 7:13-14 pp 1Ch 17:12-13 This description of God’s fatherhood involves the maintenance of a special relationship between God and David’s descendants, which ultimately includes Jesus Christ. See also Ps 2:7; Ps 89:26-27

God is the father of Christian believers

He has an intimate relationship with believers Mt 6:9 pp Lk 11:2 See also Jn 20:17; 2Co 6:18; Gal 3:26; 1Jn 2:13

He adopts believers into his family Jn 1:12-13 See also Ro 8:14-17; Gal 4:5-7; 1Jn 3:1

The fatherhood of God has implications for the church

Character: children are to reproduce the Father’s likeness Mt 5:48

Unity: one Father means one family Eph 4:3-6 See also Mal 2:10; Mt 23:9; Eph 3:14-15

Status: believers are related to Jesus Christ Mt 12:50 pp Mk 3:35 pp Lk 8:21 See also Ro 8:29; Heb 2:11

Inheritance: believers are heirs of the Father’s kingdom Ro 8:17 See also Lk 12:32; Gal 3:29; Col 1:12; Tit 3:7

Submission: believers are to revere the Father 1Pe 1:17 See also Mt 6:9 pp Lk 11:2; Eph 3:14

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