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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 1130 God, sovereignty of
1130 God, sovereignty of

1130 God, sovereignty of

The fact that God is free and able to do all that he wills; that he reigns over all creation and that his will is the final cause of all things. This is often expressed in the language of kingship.

God is free to do all he wills

Ps 135:6 See also Ps 115:3; Isa 46:10; Da 4:35; Ro 9:19-21

God is able to do whatever he wills

Lk 1:37 Gabriel speaking to Mary. See also Job 42:2; Mt 19:26; Eph 3:20

God cannot be successfully opposed

Job 42:2 From Job’s prayer of submission and repentance. See also 1Sa 2:10; 2Ch 20:6; Job 9:12; Ecc 7:13; Isa 43:13; Isa 45:9-10; Ac 5:39

God rules and reigns

He is King Ps 29:10 See also 1Ch 16:31; Ps 47:2; Isa 6:5; Isa 43:15; Jer 10:7,10; Zec 14:9; 1Ti 1:17; 1Ti 6:15; Rev 15:3; Rev 19:6

He is Lord of heaven and earth Dt 4:39 See also Ge 24:3; Dt 10:14; Jos 2:11; 1Ch 29:11; Ne 9:6; Ps 121:2; Ps 134:3; Lk 10:21; Ac 17:24

His throne is a symbol of his sovereignty Ex 17:16; Ps 45:6; Ps 93:2; Ps 123:1-; Isa 6:1 Isaiah’s commission; Isa 66:1; Jer 49:38; La 5:19; Eze 1:26; Da 7:9 Daniel’s dream; Mt 5:34; Mt 19:28 Jesus Christ teaches his disciples about things to come; Ac 7:49; Heb 1:8; Heb 8:1; Heb 12:2; Rev 4:2; Rev 20:11

God’s sovereignty extends over all things

He is sovereign over creation Rev 4:11 See also Ps 93:1; Isa 40:22; Isa 41:18-19

He is sovereign over human life 1Ch 29:12 Part of David’s prayer on the occasion of gifts being brought to the temple. See also 2Ch 25:8; Lk 1:51-53; Ac 18:21; Jas 4:15

He is sovereign over the minutest details of life Mt 10:29-30 pp Lk 12:6-7

He is sovereign in electing his people Eph 1:11 See also Ro 8:29; Ro 9:11,18

He is sovereign in the life and salvation of his people 1Co 1:30 See also Jer 18:6; 1Co 12:11; Php 2:13; Jas 1:18

He is sovereign over the sufferings of believers Php 1:29; 1Pe 3:17

He is sovereign over world history Pr 21:1 See also Ex 9:16; Ps 22:28; Jer 18:7-10; Da 4:35

God is sovereign over all other gods and over demonic forces

God is supreme over all gods Ps 95:3 “gods” are part of the created order and subject to God’s sovereignty. See also Ex 18:11; Dt 10:17; 1Ch 16:26; Ps 96:5; Da 2:47; Col 1:16

Satan is defeated through God’s sovereign purposes at work in Jesus Christ Col 2:15 See also Jn 12:31; Ro 16:20; 2Th 2:8; Heb 2:14; 2Pe 2:4; 1Jn 3:8; Jude 6; Rev 12:7-10

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