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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 1150 God, truth of
1150 God, truth of

1150 God, truth of

God’s unique integrity is displayed in his perfection of character and attributes. It is further emphasised by the consistent truth of his words and works, supremely shown in Jesus Christ.

God is the one and only true God

He alone is God Jer 10:10 See also Dt 4:39; 2Ch 15:3; Isa 43:10-11; Isa 45:5-6,14,21; Zec 14:9; Jn 1:18; Jn 17:3; Rev 6:10

The contrast with other “gods” Ro 1:25 See also Ex 15:11; Dt 4:35; Dt 32:39; Ps 86:8; Isa 43:3; 1Th 1:9

The contrast with earthly rulers Jer 10:6-8

God is characterised by truth

Ps 31:5 See also Ps 40:10; Ps 43:3; Isa 65:16; Jn 3:33; Jn 7:28; Jn 8:26; 1Jn 5:20; Rev 15:3

God’s truth is demonstrated in the revelation of himself in Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is “the truth” Jn 14:6 In the light of this statement it may be concluded that truth is actually defined by the person and work of Jesus Christ. See also 1Jn 5:20

Jesus Christ and the Spirit bring truth Jn 1:14; Jn 14:16-17; Ro 15:8

God’s words are truthful

His words are consistently true and reliable Nu 23:19 See also 1Sa 15:29; Ps 12:6; Ps 33:4; Ps 119:151,160; Ro 3:4; Tit 1:2; Heb 6:18; Jas 1:17

His words of promise are totally true and trustworthy Ps 132:11 See also 2Ti 2:13 The guarantee of God’s faithfulness is the truthfulness of his promises which depend in turn upon the truth that characterises God himself; Heb 7:21; Ps 110:4

God’s people live in the light of his truth

Ps 86:11 See also Ps 26:3; Ps 119:141-142; Da 9:13; Jn 17:17

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