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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 1180 God, wisdom of
1180 God, wisdom of

1180 God, wisdom of

Scripture declares that God alone is wise and discerning, and that human wisdom is often unable or unwilling to understand his ways. God’s wisdom is expressed in both creation and redemption.

God’s wisdom described

Isa 28:29 See also 1Sa 2:3; Ro 16:27

God’s wisdom is beyond measure Ps 147:5 See also Isa 44:7; Jer 10:7; Ro 11:33

God’s wisdom is profound Isa 40:28 See also Job 9:4; Job 28:12-24; Ps 92:5; Ecc 8:17

God’s wisdom is superior to human wisdom Isa 55:9 See also Job 21:22

God’s wisdom exhibited

God’s wisdom in creation Jer 10:12 See also Job 28:25-27; Job 37:14-16; Ps 104:24; Ps 136:5; Pr 3:19-20; Isa 40:12-14

God’s wisdom as an agent in creation Pr 8:22-31 Wisdom here is given personality, and may refer to the pre-incarnate Jesus Christ.

God’s wisdom in historical events Isa 31:2 See also Job 12:13-25; Da 2:20-22

God’s wisdom in knowing the human mind 1Ch 28:9 See also Ps 139:2,4,6

Jesus Christ the wisdom of God

1Co 1:30 See also Isa 9:6; Isa 11:2; 1Co 1:24; Col 2:2-3

God’s wisdom in the gospel

1Co 1:25 See also 1Co 1:18-21; Eph 3:10

God gives his wisdom to human beings

Eph 1:17 See also 2Ch 1:11-12; Ezr 7:25; Pr 2:6; Ecc 12:11; Da 2:23; 1Co 2:6-16; Jas 1:5

Examples of God’s wisdom

1Sa 16:7; 1Ki 3:28; Isa 28:24-29; Lk 11:49

See also

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