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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 1160 God, unchangeableness of
1160 God, unchangeableness of

1160 God, unchangeableness of

God’s nature, plans and actions do not change even though he is active and his relationships do not remain static. His moral consistency guarantees his commitment to unchanging principles.

God’s being is unchangeable

Ps 102:27 See also Heb 1:12; Mal 3:6; Heb 13:8; Jas 1:17

God’s characteristics do not change

God’s love is constant Ps 89:2 See also Ps 136:1-26; 2Ti 2:13

God’s purposes and plans do not change

Heb 6:17 See also Nu 23:19; 1Sa 15:29; Pr 19:21; Jer 44:29; Heb 7:21; Ps 110:4

God does not revoke his promises

Ps 132:11 See also Ps 145:13; Heb 4:1

God’s word does not change

Isa 40:8 See also Ps 119:89; Mt 5:18; 1Pe 1:23-25

God’s failure to inflict promised judgment is a sign of his unchanging grace

Hos 11:8 See also Ex 32:10-14; Jnh 3:10; Jnh 4:2

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