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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 1035 God, faithfulness of
1035 God, faithfulness of

1035 God, faithfulness of

God’s perfect loyalty and consistency in being true to his name, his character and his word.

God’s faithfulness is an integral part of his nature

Nu 23:19 God’s limitless power and steadfast love imply complete faithfulness which contrasts with human nature; La 3:22-23 See also Ex 34:6; Dt 7:8-9; Dt 32:4; Ro 4:21; 2Ti 2:13

God is faithful to his name and character

2Ti 2:13 See also Ne 9:8; Ps 106:8; 1Th 5:24; Heb 6:13-18

God’s faithfulness is known through fulfilled promises

Jos 23:14 See also Jos 21:45; 1Ki 8:56; 1Ch 16:15; Ps 145:13; 2Pe 3:9

Examples of God’s faithfulness in fulfilled promises

Abraham’s fatherhood Ge 12:2-3; Ge 15:4; Ge 21:1-2; Ro 9:9; Gal 4:28; Heb 6:13-15; Heb 11:11

The building of the temple 2Sa 7:12-13 pp 1Ch 17:11-12; 1Ki 8:17-21 pp 2Ch 6:7-11

The exile in Babylon Jer 25:8-11 God’s faithfulness will not always mean human prosperity. See also 2Ki 25:8-12 pp 2Ch 36:17-21 pp Jer 52:12-16; Ezr 1:1-3; Jer 52:27; Jer 29:10; Da 9:2-3,15-19

God’s faithfulness is revealed to the faithful

2Sa 22:26 See also Gal 3:14; Heb 10:23

God’s faithfulness is constant

Ro 3:3-4 God’s faithfulness is not negated by human unfaithfulness. See also Eze 12:25; Hab 2:3; 2Ti 2:13

Jesus Christ is the ultimate evidence of God’s faithfulness

Ac 13:32-33 See also Jn 14:9-11; Ro 15:8-9; 2Co 1:20-22; Heb 3:2-6; Rev 1:5; Rev 19:11

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