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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 1060 God, greatness of
1060 God, greatness of

1060 God, greatness of

God’s nature, deeds and attributes are incomparable, for which he deserves all praise.

God is great

Jer 10:6 See also 1Ch 16:25 pp Ps 96:4; 1Ch 29:11; Ne 1:5; Isa 12:6

God’s name is great

Eze 36:23 See also Jos 7:9; 1Sa 12:22; 1Ki 8:42 pp 2Ch 6:32

God is a great king

Ps 47:2 See also Ps 47:7; Ps 48:2; Mal 1:14; Mt 5:35; 1Ti 6:15

God’s deeds are great

He does great things Ps 136:4 See also Jdg 2:7; Isa 55:9; Jer 32:19; Lk 1:49; Eph 3:20

His acts are powerful Dt 9:29 God’s powerful acts are often associated with the exodus. See also Ex 15:7; Dt 9:26 His great victories in the promised land: 1Sa 19:5; 2Sa 23:10 His powerful act of creation: Isa 40:26; Jer 32:17
Na 1:3; Eph 1:19-20 His great power at work in the resurrection

God’s attributes are great

His great love Ps 108:4 See also Nu 14:19; 2Ch 1:8; La 3:22; Eph 2:4; 1Jn 3:1

His great mercy 1Ch 21:13 See also Ne 9:31; Ro 5:17; 1Pe 1:3

His great anger 2Ki 22:13 See also Ps 90:11; Ps 102:10; Jer 21:5; Jer 32:37

God’s gifts are great

He bestows great gifts Da 5:18 See also Ge 12:2; 1Sa 26:25; 1Ch 29:25

He gives great joy Ne 12:43 See also Ezr 6:22; Ps 4:7; Ps 126:3

The effects of God’s greatness

God’s power is known in the nations Ps 126:2 See also 2Ch 9:6; 2Ch 20:6; Ps 99:2; Da 4:3

People are astonished Lk 9:43 See also Hab 1:5; Lk 5:26

God must be praised for his greatness Ps 48:1 See also Dt 32:3; Ps 89:1; Ps 96:4; Ps 145:3

God’s greatness makes him unique

There is no-one like him Ps 150:2 See also 2Sa 7:22; Ps 71:19; Ps 86:10; Ps 145:3

He is greater than other gods Ex 18:11 See also Dt 4:7; Dt 10:17; 2Ch 2:5; Ps 135:5; 1Co 8:4-6

God is greater than human power and pride Job 33:12 See also 2Ch 32:7-8; Isa 40:6-7; 1Jn 3:20

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