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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 1025 God, anger of
1025 God, anger of

1025 God, anger of

The punitive and vindicatory reaction, legitimate and controlled, yet awesomely emphatic, of God the righteous judge to unrighteousness in his human creatures. Up to the present, the expression of God’s anger and wrath has had the purpose of drawing sinners to repentance and conversion, but this will not be the case at the final judgment.

The nature of God’s anger

It is fearsome Na 1:6 See also Jos 7:26; Eze 38:18

It is reluctant and short-lived Ex 34:6 See also Isa 54:7-8; Ne 9:16-18

It is consistant with his righteous and merciful character Ps 7:11 See also Hab 3:2

It fulfils God’s purposes Jer 23:20 See also Jer 30:24

The causes of God’s anger

Idolatry and unbelief Nu 25:3 See also Ex 32:8-10; Dt 8:19; Jdg 2:10-14; 1Ki 14:9; 1Ki 16:32-33; 1Ki 22:53; 2Ki 23:19 Josiah removes idolatrous shrines; 2Ch 28:25; 2Ch 34:25; Jer 8:19; Jer 32:29; Jer 44:3; Jn 3:36 the unbelief of rejecting the Son of God; Ro 1:18-23; Ro 2:8

Disobedience and disloyalty Jos 7:1 See also Dt 9:7; 2Ki 22:13; 1Ch 13:10; Ps 106:29; Jer 32:32; Zec 7:13; Eph 5:6

Ungodly living God’s judgment against the ungodly is a sign of his anger against actions that contradict his righteous character and purposes: 2Ti 3:1-9; Jude 14-16

Pride, arrogance and hypocrisy Mt 23:27-28 See also 2Ch 32:25; Pr 3:34; Pr 8:13; Isa 13:11; Hos 12:14; Mal 4:1

Complaints against, and opposition to, God’s purposes Nu 11:1 See also Nu 14:27; Nu 21:5

Injustice Zec 7:9-12 See also 2Ch 19:7; Jer 22:13; Eze 9:9; Mal 3:5; Mt 23:23

The rejection of God’s servants Heb 10:29-31 See also Dt 32:35-36; Ps 135:14; Ne 9:26; Zec 7:12; Mt 21:33-41; Ac 7:35-37

God reveals his anger

In present times Ro 1:18 See also Jer 10:10

On a future “day of wrath” which is anticipated Ro 2:5 See also Isa 13:9,13; Eze 7:19; Zep 1:15,18; Zep 2:2

The consequences of God’s anger

God allows those who reject righteousness to remain in their sin Ro 1:18-32 See also 1Ki 14:16; 2Ch 12:5; Ne 9:28; Isa 54:7-8; Jer 7:27-29; Jer 12:7-8

Punishment will be experienced by rebellious people Dt 8:19 See also Isa 59:18; Jer 21:14; Mt 18:34-35; Mt 25:28-30 Punishment of death: Ex 12:12; Nu 32:13; Jos 7:25-26; Isa 13:9-13; Da 5:30; Ac 5:5,10 Punishment of exile: 1Ki 14:15; Jer 15:13-14; Jer 25:7-11 Destruction of the whole nation of Israel: La 2:1-9; Eze 38:19-21

God will be feared as his holiness and greatness are revealed Isa 59:18-19 See also Eze 38:22-23

Ultimately God will purify and restore his people for service Mal 3:2-4 See also Jer 15:19-21

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