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National Day of Prayer Reminder and Prayers in the Bible

Today is the National Day of Prayer in the United States. As anyone who has seen a recent newspaper knows, there are plenty of reasons to be praying. What are some of your favorite prayers from the Bible? Continue reading

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Why would you recommend reading the New Testament in Greek?

The launch of the SBL Greek New Testament on Bible Gateway has us thinking about the benefit of having access to the Bible in its original languages. It’s obviously important for pastors and scholars who are involved in Bible translation, … Continue reading

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Owning the KJV in America

A recent USA Today article touts the ubiquitousness of the King James Version (KJV) Bible in the United States. They’re cribbing off of a Lifeway Research study that shows “82 percent of Americans who read the Bible at least once … Continue reading

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Punctuating the Bible: The Pilcrow

Today, you’re most likely to run into the pilcrow—colloquially known as the paragraph mark and seen at the right—in Microsoft Word. If you’re anything like me, you stumbled across it quite by accident, and then spent the better part of … Continue reading

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Reviving an ancient Hebrew font

The 1569 Plantin Polyglot Bible is famous for more than just its antiquity–it also showcases Le Bé, a complex and beautiful Hebrew font considered a typographical triumph of its era. Now, experts have used high-tech software and their eye for typography to recreate the rare Bible’s font for use in modern publishing. Continue reading

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What’s on your theological shelf?

Reformation 21 has an interesting post about how and why you should organize your theological library. While reading it, I started thinking about the question that comes before organizing: what exactly belongs in a theological library? Beyond the Bible, there’s … Continue reading

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