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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 2006 God, the Son
2006 God, the Son

2006 God, the Son

The co-equal and co-eternal Son of the Father, who became incarnate in Jesus Christ for the redemption of the world. Scripture stresses both the divinity and the humanity of the incarnate Son of God, and the necessity and total sufficiency of his atoning death for human redemption. Through his resurrection and ascension, he interecedes for believers at the right hand of God.

This set of themes consists of the following:

2009Jesus Christ, anger of
2012Jesus Christ, authority of
2015Jesus Christ, compassion of
2018Jesus Christ, divinity of
2021Jesus Christ, faithfulness of
2024Jesus Christ, glory of
2027Jesus Christ, grace and mercy of
2030Jesus Christ, holiness of
2033Jesus Christ, humanity of
2036Jesus Christ, humility of
2039Jesus Christ, joy of
2042Jesus Christ, justice of
2045Jesus Christ, knowledge of
2048Jesus Christ, love of
2051Jesus Christ, majesty of
2054Jesus Christ, mind of
2057Jesus Christ, obedience of
2060Jesus Christ, patience of
2063Jesus Christ, perfection of
2066Jesus Christ, power of
2069Jesus Christ, pre-eminence of
2072Jesus Christ, righteousness of
2075Jesus Christ, sinlessness of
2078Jesus Christ, sonship of
2081Jesus Christ, wisdom of