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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 2051 Jesus Christ, majesty of
2051 Jesus Christ, majesty of

2051 Jesus Christ, majesty of

The glorious splendour of Jesus Christ’s royal authority belongs to him by right and is reaffirmed through his exaltation to the Father’s right hand.

Jesus Christ shared in God’s majesty before time began

Jn 17:5 See also Jn 17:24; Col 1:15; Heb 1:3; Rev 22:13

Jesus Christ renounced his majesty to become a human being

Php 2:6-8 See also Isa 53:2-3; Mt 20:28 pp Mk 10:45; Jn 13:3-5; 2Co 8:9

Jesus Christ’s majesty seen in his earthly ministry

At the transfiguration 2Pe 1:16 See also Mt 17:2 pp Mk 9:2-3 pp Lk 9:29

At the entry into Jerusalem Mt 21:9-10 pp Mk 11:9-10 pp Lk 19:37-38 pp Jn 12:13 See also Mt 21:5 pp Jn 12:15; Zec 9:9

Jesus Christ’s majesty is reaffirmed through his exaltation

Jesus Christ is exalted to the throne of God’s majesty Heb 1:3 See also Ac 5:31; Heb 8:1; 1Pe 3:22

A vision of the glorified Christ in his majesty Rev 1:13-16 See also Rev 5:6-8; Rev 14:14

Jesus Christ’s is majestic in his absolute pre-eminence Col 1:18 See also Da 7:13-14; Ac 2:36; 1Co 15:25; Php 2:10-11; Rev 19:16

Jesus Christ’s majesty is shown by his authority as judge of all Mt 25:31 See also Ac 17:31; 2Ti 4:1

All humanity will see Jesus Christ’s majesty

Mt 26:64 pp Mk 14:62 See also Mt 24:30 pp Mk 13:26 pp Lk 21:27; 2Th 1:7-10; Rev 1:7; Rev 5:13; Rev 6:15-17; Rev 7:9-10

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