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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 2039 Jesus Christ, joy of
2039 Jesus Christ, joy of

2039 Jesus Christ, joy of

Jesus Christ brings joy to his people, who are able to rejoice at the coming of their Saviour and Lord, and all the benefits which he brings to them.

Jesus Christ’s joy originates in God

From his intimate relationship with his Father and the Spirit Lk 10:21 pp Mt 11:25-26 See also Isa 11:2-3; Mt 3:16-17 pp Mk 1:10-11 pp Lk 3:22; Mt 12:18; Isa 42:1; Ac 2:28; Ps 16:11

From his awareness of God’s purposes Heb 12:2 See also Jn 8:29

Jesus Christ’s coming brings great joy

His birth Lk 2:10-11 See also Mt 2:10; Lk 1:44; Lk 2:20,28-32

His resurrection and ascension Jn 16:20-22 See also Mt 28:8-9; Lk 24:40-41,50-53; Jn 20:20

Jesus Christ gives joy to his people

He brings joy to his disciples Jn 17:13 See also Isa 61:1-3; Jn 15:11; Ro 12:12; Php 1:26

Being in his presence is likened to the joy of a wedding Mt 22:1-10 See also Mt 9:14-15 pp Mk 2:18-19 pp Lk 5:33-34; Mt 25:1-10; Jn 3:29; Rev 19:7,9

To know Jesus Christ brings great joy to others Lk 15:7 See also Mt 8:11; Lk 15:10,22-24,31-32; Jn 8:56

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