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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 2045 Jesus Christ, knowledge of
2045 Jesus Christ, knowledge of

2045 Jesus Christ, knowledge of

Jesus Christ has perfect insight into God’s purposes and into human nature by reason of his intimate relationship with the Father, but he has accepted limited knowledge as a consequence of his humanity.

Jesus Christ’s knowledge of his Father

Mt 11:27 pp Lk 10:22 See also Jn 7:29; Jn 8:26,55; Jn 10:15; Jn 11:41-42; Jn 15:15; Jn 17:25

Jesus Christ’s complete knowledge

Jn 16:30 See also Jn 21:17

Jesus Christ’s foreknowledge of events

Jesus Christ’s knowledge of his mission Jn 8:14 See also Jn 13:1,3; Jn 16:28; Jn 18:4; Jn 19:28

Jesus Christ’s knowledge of his death and resurrection Mt 16:21 pp Mk 8:31 pp Lk 9:22 See also Mt 20:18-19 pp Mk 10:33-34 pp Lk 18:31-33

Jesus Christ’s knowledge of his betrayer Jn 6:64 See also Mt 26:20-25 pp Mk 14:17-20; Jn 13:11,18,21-26

Jesus Christ’s knowledge of the disciples’desertion and Peter’s denial Mt 26:31-34 pp Mk 14:27-30 pp Lk 22:31-34

Jesus Christ’s knowledge of human beings

Jesus Christ knows every human heart Jn 2:24-25 See also Ac 1:24; Rev 2:23

Jesus Christ discerns evil thoughts and motives Mt 22:18 pp Mk 12:15 pp Lk 20:23 See also Mt 9:3-4 pp Mk 2:6-8 pp Lk 5:21-22; Mt 12:14-15,24-25 pp Lk 11:15-17; Lk 6:7-8; Jn 5:42; Jn 6:15

Jesus Christ knows those whose faith is not genuine Mt 7:21-23

Jesus Christ knows people’s situations and needs Jn 1:47-49 See also Mk 6:34; Lk 19:5; Jn 4:16-19,28-29; Jn 5:6

Jesus Christ’s knowledge of believers

Jesus Christ knows those who are his Jn 10:14 See also Jn 10:27; Jn 20:15-16; 2Ti 2:19

Jesus Christ knows those who call on him in faith Mk 5:24-34 pp Mt 9:18-22 pp Lk 8:43-48 See also Mt 9:2 pp Mk 2:5 pp Lk 5:20

Jesus Christ knows believers’deeds Rev 2:2 See also Mt 10:42 pp Mk 9:41; Mt 16:27; Mt 25:37-40; Rev 2:3,19,23

Jesus Christ knows believer’s needs Mk 6:48; Rev 2:9-10,13; Rev 3:8

Jesus Christ knows his disciples’misunderstandings and disputes Mt 16:5-8 pp Mk 8:14-17; Mk 9:33-35 pp Lk 9:46-48; Jn 6:60-61; Jn 16:17-19

Jesus Christ knows those who are half-hearted Rev 2:2-5; Rev 3:1-2,15-18

Jesus Christ’s knowledge of the Scriptures

Lk 24:27 See also Mt 4:4 pp Lk 4:4; Mt 5:21; Mt 12:3-7; Mt 22:29-32 pp Mk 12:24-27 pp Lk 20:34-38; Mt 24:37-39 pp Lk 17:26-29

Limitations of Jesus Christ’s knowledge

Jesus Christ acquired knowledge by usual human means Mt 4:12; Mt 14:13; Mk 6:38; Mk 9:21; Lk 2:46,52; Jn 9:35

Things that Jesus Christ did not know on account of his humanity Mt 24:36 pp Mk 13:32 See also Ac 1:7

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