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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 2072 Jesus Christ, righteousness of
2072 Jesus Christ, righteousness of

2072 Jesus Christ, righteousness of

Jesus Christ pleased his Father perfectly in his life on earth and in his death. He now gives believers a new status before God and a new power for living.

The promised Messiah will be righteous

Zec 9:9 See also Ps 45:7; Isa 53:11; Jer 23:5-6; Jer 33:15

The promised Messiah will establish righteousness Ps 72:1-4; Isa 9:7; Isa 11:3-5

Jesus Christ’s own righteousness

Righteousness is characteristic of Jesus Christ Ac 22:14 See also Ac 3:14; Ac 7:52; 2Ti 4:8; Heb 1:8-9; 1Jn 2:1,29; 1Jn 3:7

Jesus Christ’s obedience shows his righteousness Jn 8:28-29 See also Jn 4:34; Jn 6:38; Jn 12:49-50; Jn 14:31; Php 2:8; Heb 5:8-9; Heb 10:9

Jesus Christ judges righteously Jn 5:30 See also Rev 19:11

Jesus Christ is declared not guilty Lk 23:14-15 See also Lk 23:4; Jn 19:6; Ac 3:13

Jesus Christ’s righteousness recognised by others Lk 23:47 See also Mk 10:17-18 pp Lk 18:18-19; Lk 23:41; Ac 10:38

Consequences of Jesus Christ’s righteousness

God justifies believers on account of the righteousness of Jesus Christ Ro 5:18-19 See also Ro 3:23-26; 1Pe 3:18; 2Pe 1:1

All who believe share in the righteousness of Jesus Christ 1Co 1:30 See also Ro 3:21-22; Ro 4:6,24; Ro 9:30; Ro 10:3-4; 2Co 5:21

Believers live by and for Jesus Christ’s righteousness Php 1:11 One of Paul’s prayers for Christians. See also Ro 6:18; Ro 8:10; 1Pe 2:24

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