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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 2060 Jesus Christ, patience of
2060 Jesus Christ, patience of

2060 Jesus Christ, patience of

Jesus Christ supremely displays God’s patient character in his work of salvation. The patience of Jesus Christ is seen in his relationships with people and in his perseverance through trial and suffering to death. Followers of Christ are called to demonstrate patience in all their relationships and circumstances.

The patience of Jesus Christ in his earthly ministry

His patience with people Lk 22:32-34 See also Mt 20:20-28 pp Mk 10:35-45; Mt 26:69-75 pp Mk 14:66-72 pp Lk 22:55-62 pp Jn 18:16-27; Mk 4:13-20; Lk 23:33-34; Jn 21:15-19

His patience with God’s timing of events Jn 12:27 Jesus Christ’s life was lived under the shadow of the cross. He was concerned that people should understand his ministry and therefore he exercised great patience, being directed by the Father in the priorities and timing of his ministry. See also Mk 1:34 pp Lk 4:41; Mk 7:36; Mk 8:30; Mk 9:9; Jn 2:4; Jn 7:6,30; Jn 12:23; Jn 13:1; Jn 16:32; Jn 17:1

His patience in suffering Mt 26:39-42 pp Mk 14:35-36 pp Lk 22:42 See also Mt 26:59-68; Mt 27:28-50; 2Th 3:5; Heb 5:7-9; Heb 12:2-3; 1Pe 2:21-25

Jesus Christ reflects God’s own patient character

Ex 34:6-7; Nu 14:18-20; Mt 18:26-27; Ro 10:21; 1Pe 3:20; 2Pe 3:8

Jesus Christ’s patience brings about God’s salvation 1Ti 1:16 See also Ro 2:4; 2Pe 3:15

Jesus Christ’s patience must be appropriated by his followers

In relation to people Eph 4:2 See also Mt 18:26-35; 1Co 13:4; Gal 5:22; Col 1:11; Col 3:12; 1Th 5:14; 2Ti 4:2; Jas 5:7-8

In enduring life’s circumstances and sufferings 1Pe 2:20-23 See also Lk 8:15; Lk 21:19; Ro 5:3-4; Ro 8:25; Ro 12:12; Col 1:11; 1Th 1:3; Tit 2:2; Heb 12:1-3; Jas 1:2-4; Jas 5:8; 1Pe 5:8-10; Rev 1:9; Rev 13:10; Rev 14:12

In communicating the gospel 2Ti 4:2 See also Tit 2:2

In living and waiting for the Lord’s coming Jas 5:7-8 See also Ro 8:25; 1Th 1:3

Examples of Jesus Christ’s patience found in his followers

2Co 1:5-6; 2Co 6:4-6; 2Ti 3:10-11; Rev 1:9; Rev 3:10

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