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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 2048 Jesus Christ, love of
2048 Jesus Christ, love of

2048 Jesus Christ, love of

Jesus Christ’s total giving of himself, shown supremely in his obedient suffering and death on the cross, reveals God’s amazing love for sinners. It continues to motivate and inspire Christians today.

The supreme quality of Jesus Christ’s love

Eph 3:17-19 See also Ro 8:35,38-39

It caused him to leave his eternal glory 2Co 8:9 See also Php 2:6-8

It moved him to give his life for others 1Jn 3:16 See also Jn 10:11,14-15; Jn 15:13; Eph 5:2; Rev 1:5

He loves sinners Lk 23:34 See also Lk 13:34 pp Mt 23:37; Lk 23:43

He loves each believer 2Th 2:13 See also Jn 10:3-5

Examples of Jesus Christ’s love

His compassion for the needy Mt 9:36 pp Mk 6:34; Mt 14:14; Mt 15:32 pp Mk 8:1-2; Lk 7:13

His love for children Mt 19:13-15 pp Mk 10:13-16 pp Lk 18:15-17

His love for his mother Jn 19:26-27

His love for his followers Jn 13:1 Lazarus: Jn 11:1-7,17-22,32-44 The “disciple whom Jesus loved” is widely thought to have been John, the author of the Gospel: Jn 13:23; Jn 20:2; Jn 21:7,20

Jesus Christ’s love stems from the Father

He receives the Father’s love Jn 3:35 See also Mt 17:5 pp Mk 9:7 pp Lk 9:35; Mk 1:11 pp Mt 3:17 pp Lk 3:22; Jn 5:20; Jn 14:31

His love reveals the Father’s love Ro 5:8 See also Jn 3:16; Eph 2:4-5; 1Jn 4:9-10

Jesus Christ’s love motivates the church

His love indwells believers Jn 17:26 See also Jn 15:9-10; Gal 2:20; 1Ti 1:14; 1Jn 4:12

His love disciplines believers Rev 3:19 See also Heb 12:5-6; Pr 3:11-12; Rev 3:9

His love inspires authentic Christian attitudes Jn 13:34-35 See also Lev 19:18; Dt 6:5; Mt 5:43-44; Mt 22:35-39 pp Mk 12:28-31 pp Lk 10:25-27; Lk 6:27; Jn 15:12; 1Jn 3:10

His love inspires Christian marriage Eph 5:25 See also Eph 5:28-30

His love inspires a desire for spiritual gifts 1Co 14:1

His love motivates Christians to live for God 2Co 5:14-15 See also Ro 8:37; 1Co 16:14; Col 2:2; 1Th 1:3; Heb 10:24

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