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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 2024 Jesus Christ, glory of
2024 Jesus Christ, glory of

2024 Jesus Christ, glory of

Jesus Christ’s radiance and splendour reflects the glory of the Father, and is both revealed to and reflected in the lives of believers.

Jesus Christ’s glory existed before the incarnation

Jn 17:5 See also Jn 1:14; Jn 17:24

Jesus Christ’s glory is God’s glory

God’s glory is reflected in Jesus Christ Heb 1:3 See also Jn 12:41 John makes no distinction between God’s glory revealed in Isa 6:3 and the glory of Jesus Christ; Jn 13:32; 2Co 4:4,6

Jesus Christ brings glory to his Father Jn 14:13 See also Jn 13:31; Jn 17:1,4; Ro 16:27; Eph 1:12; Jude 25

The Holy Spirit glorifies Jesus Christ Jn 16:14

Jesus Christ’s glory is revealed on earth

Through his miracles Jn 2:11 See also Jn 11:4,40

To his disciples Lk 9:28-32 pp Mt 17:1-2 pp Mk 9:2-3 See also Jn 1:14; Ac 9:3; Ac 22:6; Ac 26:13; 2Pe 1:17

In his death and resurrection Jn 12:23 One of the major themes of John’s Gospel is that Jesus Christ is glorified through his death and resurrection. See also Jn 7:39; Jn 12:16; Ac 3:13-15; 1Pe 1:21; Heb 2:9

The glory of the exalted Christ

His appearance Rev 1:13-16 See also Ac 7:55-56; Rev 2:18; Rev 19:11-16

He receives glory from all creation Rev 5:13 See also Heb 13:21; 2Pe 3:18; Rev 1:6; Rev 5:11-12; Rev 7:9-12

Jesus Christ’s glory will be revealed at the second coming

Mt 16:27 pp Mk 8:38 pp Lk 9:26 See also Mt 24:27,30 pp Mk 13:26 pp Lk 21:27; Mt 25:31; 2Th 1:7; 2Th 2:8; Tit 2:13; 1Pe 4:13

Jesus Christ’s glory is shared by believers

As they become like him 2Co 3:18 See also Jn 17:22; Col 1:27

At the end of time 1Co 15:49 See also Ro 8:17-18; Php 3:21; Col 3:4

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