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How Happiness Happens: An Interview with Max Lucado

You’re invited to Max Lucado’s Online Bible Study! When you join the FREE How Happiness Happens Online Bible Study, Max will show you the unexpected path to true, lasting happiness — a path that produces a deep-rooted sense of contentment in any season of life. Join right now! What does it mean to have lasting […]

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Hope for the Hopeless: An Interview with Max Lucado

Where do you turn in a world full of despair, depression, anxiety, and instability? A world where an increasing number of people are choosing suicide out of an extreme lack of hope? How can the realization of God’s promises in the Bible stem whatever hopelessness you feel to bring you lasting security? In this Q&A, […]

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Reminder: Advent Devotions Begin on Sunday! There’s Still Time to Sign Up

Our Advent Devotional begins this Sunday! There’s still time to sign up—click here to sign up on our Christmas devotions page. Our Advent Devotional is a unique and interesting way to journey through the holiday season. Several days each week, you’ll receive an inspirational quote, sermon, story, or Bible reading that highlights an important aspect […]

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Sign Up for Christmas Devotions from Bible Gateway

It feels like it’s been an especially turbulent year, doesn’t it? To be honest, by the time Christmas season rolls around, most years have started to feel a bit exhausting and overwhelming. As 2016 has rolled on, we’ve been challenged to respond to multiple acts of terror and violence, we’ve slogged through a contentious American […]

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Because of Bethlehem: An Interview with Max Lucado

Does the rush of celebrating Christmas get in the way of appreciating its profound meaning? A baby in a manger became the King on the cross. Christmas proclaims the truth of Easter to come. This year seize the significance. Start early. Focus on what matters. [Sign up for the 5-day only Because of Bethlehem free […]

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