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Picturing the Bible: Illuminating Scripture with Illustrated Bibles

When’s the last time you read an illustrated Bible? Illustrations are less common in “grown-up” Bible translations, although interesting Scripture illustration projects still exist. Do you have a favorite illustrated Bible? Continue reading

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Your Family Bible Stories

In our post last week about family Bibles, we asked you to share stories about your own family Bible, if you have one. Many of you responded with fantastic stories about Bibles that have been passed down your family tree … Continue reading

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Do you know the Holman Christian Standard Bible?

After over 15 years of adding Bibles, there are now a lot of versions in our library. We thought it might be useful to highlight a few Bible versions you may not know about and talk about what makes them unique–starting with the excellent Holman Christian Standard Bible. Continue reading

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Is there a “family Bible” in your household?

Is there a family Bible in your household? Did you uncover it cleaning out an attic? Has it been the family for generations, or did you buy one just recently? Do you use it for your Bible reading? We’d like to hear your family Bible stories, so if you have fond memories or interesting facts about your family Bible, let us know! Continue reading

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