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Pastors and Church Leaders: Our “Ministering the Master’s Way” Leadership Devotional is Back

“Ministering the Master’s Way,” our weekly newsletter for pastors and church leaders, is back! It starts tomorrow, and will continue every Friday for eight weeks.

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“C.S. Lewis Daily” Begins Tomorrow

Don’t forget–“C.S. Lewis Daily,” our new daily email featuring the best of C.S. Lewis’ writing, begins tomorrow!

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C.S. Lewis Comes to Bible Gateway! Announcing the “C.S. Lewis Daily” Newsletter

C.S. Lewis is coming to Narnia! Sign up for C.S. Lewis Daily and start out each day with insight from one of the greatest Christian writers and thinkers of the 20th century. Read on for more information.

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Our “Women of the Bible” Devotional is Re-launching with Brand New Content!

Our popular devotional Women of the Bible is re-launching this week with all-new devotional content!

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Francis Chan’s “Crazy Love” Devotional Returns on May 13

Since we first ran the “Crazy Love: Reflections on a Relentless God” devotional earlier this year, many of you have asked if we’d be running it again. We’ve got good news: the Crazy Love devotional is restarting next Monday, May 13!

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New Devotional: What the Bible Teaches About Money and Stewardship

Our newest devotional dives straight into the Bible text to find out how, exactly, followers of Jesus Christ are to understand the money and resources that have been given to them. Biblical Principles Governing Stewardship takes a different approach than many financial-help books and devotionals; its focus is purely on the Bible text, and what we can learn from it.

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A 40 Day Journey with Dietrich Bonhoeffer is Back (Just in Time for Lent!)

The popular 40 Day Journey with Dietrich Bonhoeffer is back! Your journey though the devotional writing of the famous preacher and martyr begins as soon as you sign up.

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Lent Devotionals Are Here!

Lent is coming! The season of Lent—the approximately six weeks leading up to Easter Sunday—begins on Wednesday, February 13. To help you focus on Christ during the journey to Easter, we’ve made three Lent email devotionals available!

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Ministering the Master’s Way: A New Devotional for Pastors and Church Leaders

If you’re a pastor, you know there’s a lot more to your job than just showing up at church services with a sermon prepared (and that’s not to downplay the work involved in preparing a sermon!). Filling the role of pastor, minister, worship leader, or another church leadership position is a demanding, sometimes rewarding, and […]

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New Devotional: An Encouraging Word from Max Lucado

An Encouraging Word from Max Lucado is our newest free email devotional, and it’s exactly what the title says: an uplifting devotional message by Max Lucado, delivered to your inbox each Monday. It takes just a few minutes to read, and will help you get your week off to a good, Christ-focused start.

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