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Why the Jewish Roots of Christianity are Important: An Interview with Curt Landry

The church was created by Jesus, who was born Jewish. His early followers were both Jewish and Gentile, and the church’s early culture was rooted in Judaism and a Jewish understanding of God’s relationship to his people. Over time, Christianity became increasingly more Roman than Jewish. How did this transformation affect the church’s identity? Bible […]

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Celebrating Passover

The season of Passover is April 19-27, 2019. Browse resources for Passover in the Bible Gateway Store. Read the Bible Gateway Blog post, Passover Explained: God’s Deliverance and watch the videos. Read the Bible Gateway Blog post, The Complete Jewish Study Bible Is Now Available. Read Jewish-related Bible translations on Bible Gateway: The Complete Jewish […]

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Read the Bible with the Jewish Eyes of Jesus: An Interview with Lois Tverberg

Wrinkles and grey hair in the mirror. Rain in the forecast. Gaining a clothing size. Modern Bible readers view all of these as negatives, but in the biblical world, just the opposite would have been true. Old age was an advantage when elders were chosen as leaders, and rain was an occasion for rejoicing in […]

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