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Mother’s Day Reflection: Raising Up a Hero of Faith

What memories and shared experiences connect you to your mother—or if you’re a mom, to your children? In this Mother’s Day reflection, author and speaker Sheri Rose Shepherd recalls an unexpected moment of ministry that she shared with her son.

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Go and Make Disciples: Remembering Jesus’ Ascension

Today is Ascension Day! Join us in celebrating the final scene of Jesus’ ministry on earth: his ascension to heaven.

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The Earth is the Lord’s!

Today is Earth Day, when we’re encouraged to consider our relationship to, and influence on, the environment around us. Here are some thoughts of the importance of our environment and surroundings as seen in the Biblical narrative.

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The “Who, What, Where, and When” of Holy Week

This single week of time is the busiest, most dramatic, and most documented period of Jesus’ life on Earth… but there’s so much going on (documented across four different Gospel sources) that it can be confusing to track all of the people, factions, and events in the story. Here’s a chart to help keep track of the many different elements of the Easter story.

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Five Ways to Motivate Yourself to Read the Bible in 2013

Are you convinced that the Bible is worth reading, but not sure if you can commit to such a project? Here are a few suggestions for how to go about working your way through the entire Bible in 2013.

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Make Bible Reading a Habit in 2013

It’s become an annual tradition here at Bible Gateway to try and find ways to help people get to know the Bible better–and in 2013, we want to help you make Bible reading a habit.

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Give Thanks! A New Thanksgiving Devotional About Gratitude

What emotions do you feel as you contemplate the approaching holiday season? Peace, joy, and thankfulness? Or does the Thanksgiving and Christmas season mean exhausting travel, hectic schedules, and stress? We’re all commonly encouraged to remember the true spirit of the holiday season—but those encouragements usually come once the hectic pace of the holidays is […]

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A Primer on the Christian Calendar

Do you follow the Christian calendar? I grew up attending churches that didn’t emphasize the Christian calendar, and thus remained largely unaware of it. But the church I currently attend does periodically focus on the Holy Days of the traditional church calendar—and it’s been a wonderful learning experience. After four years of attendance, I’ve begun […]

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We Are Citizens of Heaven

Whoever you are, American or otherwise, you have a plenty of reasons to be thankful today!

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The Excitement of Pentecost

There’s electricty in the air today. Today is the celebration of Pentecost, a day two thousand years ago on which something amazing happened: Pentecost.

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