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Our Thanksgiving Devotional Starts Tomorrow

Have you signed up for our Thanksgiving devotional yet? It starts tomorrow (November 7), so there’s still time! Our Thanksgiving devotional is called Give Thanks: Biblical Stories About Gratitude. When you sign up, twice each week throughout November you’ll receive an inspirational reading consisting of three parts: An introduction to the Scripture reading, providing a […]

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Five Bible Verses to Read on Reformation Day

Are you ready to celebrate today? I’m not talking about Halloween—I’m referring to Reformation Day, which falls on October 31. (Of course, there’s no reason you couldn’t combine the two—I hope you’ve got your Martin Luther costume ready!) Reformation Day is a time to remember and reflect on the Protestant Reformation, a movement of theological […]

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Don’t Wait to Ponder Thanksgiving

It’s that time of year when your calendar seems to gather speed and many social events crowd your already busy schedule. While Thanksgiving, Advent, and Christmas ought to be times of spiritual contemplation and relational reconnection, they can easily become frantic deadlines that produce frazzled emotions. Bible Gateway will help you reclaim proper perspective with […]

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Sin, Redemption, and the Day of Atonement

This Saturday is Yom Kippur, when Jews around the world commemorate the Old Testament Day of Atonement. Here are a few thoughts on how Christians can appreciate this Biblical holiday.

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Monuments and Memorial Day: Remembering Who We Are

It’s important that we remember who we are and where we’ve come from. Americans make a point of remembering on Memorial Day. And as Christians, every day is a good day to remember, reflect on, and give thanks for what the Lord has done for us.

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Pentecost: The Good News Spreads to the World

Today, Christian churches around the world are commemorating Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit descended to empower the apostles of Jesus Christ. It was a foundational moment for the fledgling Christian church, and it still holds significance for Christians nearly 2000 years later.

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Mother’s Day Reflection: Raising Up a Hero of Faith

What memories and shared experiences connect you to your mother—or if you’re a mom, to your children? In this Mother’s Day reflection, author and speaker Sheri Rose Shepherd recalls an unexpected moment of ministry that she shared with her son.

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Go and Make Disciples: Remembering Jesus’ Ascension

Today is Ascension Day! Join us in celebrating the final scene of Jesus’ ministry on earth: his ascension to heaven.

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The Earth is the Lord’s!

Today is Earth Day, when we’re encouraged to consider our relationship to, and influence on, the environment around us. Here are some thoughts of the importance of our environment and surroundings as seen in the Biblical narrative.

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What is “Maundy Thursday”?

What is the significance of Maundy Thursday? Pastor Mel Lawrenz explains.

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