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Lee Strobel Talks About Faith, Doubt, and the Bible

In addition to his writing, Christian apologist Lee Strobel has given many talks about interviews over the years, and many of them are archived on his website. Here are some of our favorites. Continue reading

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Examining a Bible “contradiction:” who discovered the empty tomb?

Earlier this week, I ran across a gigantic list of alleged contradictions in the Bible—one of many that have been floating around the internet for years. Upon an initial scan, such lists are intimidating. Are there really that many contradictions … Continue reading

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What you’re missing from the Lee Strobel “Investigating Faith” newsletter

The next issue of Lee Strobel’s Investigating Faith newsletter goes out tomorrow, April 5th, and it’s not too late to sign up! Investigating Faith is broad look at the contemporary issues surrounding faith. Lee is a respected and skilled communicator … Continue reading

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Did God have a wife?

Was God married? Was the Old Testament revised to hide evidence that God ruled alongside a heavenly queen? These questions are in the news this week due to a flurry of stories about the alleged relationship between Yahweh and the … Continue reading

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Lee Strobel’s “Investigating Faith” newsletter begins tomorrow

If you missed the announcement last week, Lee has partnered with Bible Gateway to send out a twice-monthly free email newsletter exploring questions about the Christian faith. It begins tomorrow, so if you haven’t signed up already, we encourage you to do so today! Continue reading

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Investigate the Christian faith with Lee Strobel

Is Christianity rational and reasonable? Is the Bible trustworthy? Is there evidence that supports the claims of Christianity? Bible Gateway is excited to partner with Christian apologist and writer Lee Strobel to launch his new free Investigating Faith email newsletter, … Continue reading

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Doubt, contradictions, and the problem of evil: responding to Bart Ehrman

If you follow the world of Bible apologetics, chances are you’ve heard of Bart Ehrman’s critiques of orthodox Christianity. A new site provides a series of polite and reasonable responses to Ehrman’s claims. Continue reading

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