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A Guide for Bible Skeptics: An Interview with John Dickson

The Bible continues to be the world’s bestselling book. Doubters, skeptics, and critics have attempted to discredit it, ignore it, and ban it. Yet the Bible has outlived them all. What is it about the Bible that is so compelling for countless generations? And how can you communicate to skeptics the Bible’s validity? Bible Gateway […]

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Fathers & Faith: New Poll on Struggles with Dads and God

This story was written by author and apologist Lee Strobel. It appears in the latest issue of his email newsletter, Investigating Faith with Lee Strobel. You can sign up to receive Investigating Faith here. Two findings emerged in a new national poll that I commissioned on fatherhood and faith: the younger the generation, the more […]

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The Unbelievable Gospel: An Interview with Jonathan Dodson

In this social media age, what is the most effective way to communicate the good news that God loves people and has provided the way to redeem wholeness in a person’s life through the saving work of Jesus Christ? With the shifting sands of culture, flexible forms for evangelism are needed to retain gospel faithfulness. […]

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A Skeptic’s Christmas: Read the New Issue of “Investigating Faith with Lee Strobel”

A new issue of the Investigating Faith with Lee Strobel newsletter is out! Click here to read it online (and subscribe to receive future issues via email here). This issue features “A Skeptic’s Christmas,” a reflection by Lee about a remarkable Christmas experience from his days as a journalist—when he was still a skeptic, intrigued […]

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Lee Strobel Makes the Case for Grace

This morning, the Bible Gateway team (and our colleagues here at HarperCollins Christian Publishing) had the privilege of hearing a devotional message by Lee Strobel! Lee is best known for his enthusiastic, reason-based defenses of the Christian faith (perhaps best exemplified in his influential book The Case for Christ). Among other things, Lee shared a […]

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Lee Strobel Q&A: Is It Elitist to Say That Jesus Is the Only Way to Heaven?

The latest issue of Investigating Faith with Lee Strobel goes out to email subscribers later today. To give you a sneak preview (and encourage you to subscribe, if you haven’t already), here’s one of the Q&A’s about Christianity and religion from the new issue. Q. Isn’t it elitist to say that people must be followers […]

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Questions About Christianity? Lee Strobel’s “Investigating Faith” Newsletter is Back!

One of our most popular email newsletters is returning this week! After a lengthy hiatus, Lee Strobel’s Investigating Faith newsletter begins again this Friday! Sign up here to receive it for free. When Investigating Faith first launched at Bible Gateway, it quickly became one of our most popular email newsletters. Strobel is a well-known author, […]

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Origen vs. Celsus: Early Christianity Answers Its Critics

I recently had the privilege of leading a short discussion at my church about early Christianity. In particular, I talked about the period of time immediately following the New Testament, when early Christians found themselves contending for the faith in an intellectually diverse and often hostile environment. One of the highlights of that time period […]

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Bart Ehrman and His Critics: Highlights from the Ongoing Discussion About Jesus’ Divinity

It’s been over a month since Bart Ehrman’s How Jesus Became God arrived on bookstore shelves. In it, Ehrman—no stranger to controversy on the subject of Christianity—argues that the identification of Jesus with God was an idea imposed on him much later by the developing Christian church. This claim is at odds with those of […]

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Do the Biblical Accounts of Easter Contradict Each Other?

Is the Bible full of contradictions? At some point every Bible reader, whether they’re a skeptic or a believer, must come to terms with perceived differences and contradictions in the Bible text. And these questions naturally assume a particular urgency around Easter. Why is that? Because the events of Easter—Jesus’ arrest, crucifixion, and resurrection, as […]

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