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Jesus Calling: An Interview with Sarah Young

The beloved #1 bestselling devotional Jesus Calling® is now available in a morning and evening edition, allowing you to meditate on the hope and peace of Jesus throughout each day and as the evening draws to a close. Each morning entry is from Jesus Calling and each evening includes powerful and poignant excerpts from Sarah’s […]

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The End of Me: An Interview with Kyle Idleman

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus perplexingly teaches an inside-out way of life: brokenness is the way to wholeness, mourning is the path to blessing, emptiness is required for true fullness. In many ways the Bible espouses countercultural, counter-intuitive truths and paradoxical principles. Bible Gateway interviewed Kyle Idleman (@KyleIdleman) about his book, The End […]

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Wicked Women of the Bible: An Interview with Ann Spangler

What can Jezebel, the Bible’s wickedest queen, reveal about God’s holiness and power and even about his sense of humor? What about the Woman at the Well—the one with five husbands and a live-in lover? And what of the prostitute whose tears bathe the feet of Jesus in front of people who despise her? Bible […]

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Reflections from Pope Francis: An Interview with Susan Stark and Dan Pierson

Follow Religion News Service coverage of Pope Francis’s visit to the USA. Also see video highlights of the Pope’s visit. Only a little over a year into his papacy, Pope Francis (@Pontifex) is being hailed by the news media, Christians, and non-Christians alike as a refreshing figure in the Vatican. His humility, piousness, and forward-thinking […]

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Reframe Your Perception of God: An Interview with Brian Hardin

Do you have a true friend in Jesus? One that consists of the emotions, dialogue, and intimate moments that we long for from our closest of comrades? If not, maybe it’s time to reframe your perception of God; change your God-connection paradigm. Bible Gateway interviewed Brian Hardin (@realbrianhardin) about his book, Reframe: From the God […]

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The Year without a Purchase: An Interview with Scott Dannemiller

Consumerism has a pesky way of leading to stress. Can shopping less really contribute to living more? And what does the Bible say about how to find true joy apart from the acquisition of things? Bible Gateway interviewed Scott Dannemiller (@sdannemiller) about his humorously-serious book, The Year without a Purchase: One Family’s Quest to Stop […]

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The 50 Most Important Teachings of the Bible: An Interview with Jim George

It’s been said that what you believe is how your behave. What you believe about God, his written revelation—the Bible—and his ultimate revelation—Jesus—will define how you live your life. Having a grasp of what the Bible teaches, then, is crucial to living life to its fullest. What are the key teachings every Christian should know […]

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Praying the Bible: An Interview with Donald Whitney

Since prayer is talking with God—the only Person in the universe worthy of being called awesome—why don’t people pray more? Why don’t the people of God enjoy prayer more? When you’ve said the same old words about the same old things about a thousand times, how do you feel about saying them again? Could the […]

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Cultivating the Wonder of God: An Interview with Dr. William Brown

Scripture is often read only to find answers to life’s perplexing questions, to prove a theological point, or to formulate doctrine. But if read properly, what the Bible does most fundamentally is arouse a sacred sense of life-transforming wonder; encouraging us to linger in wide-eyed awe. Bible Gateway interviewed Dr. William Brown about his book, […]

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Questioning the Bible: An Interview with Jonathan Morrow

Can a thoughtful person today seriously believe that God wrote a book? An unprecedented number of sophisticated attacks are being waged on the origin, credibility, and reliability of the Bible. It can be difficult to know what to say when skepticism and secularism take over so many conversations. Confusion and doubt about the Bible being […]

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