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Lent Reflection: God Spoke All These Words

Whether your Lent thus far has been quiet or hectic, let’s take a few minutes to consider the main reason for Easter in the first place: God’s Law… or more specifically, our inability to obey it without God’s help.

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What Can You Gain During Lent? A Devotional Message from Sheri Rose Shepherd

To mark Ash Wednesday today, we asked author and speaker Sheri Rose Shepherd to share her thoughts on what Lent and Easter mean to her. Sheri graciously agreed to share her insights in this special video and devotional message.

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How Can You Observe Lent?

Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, is here. Have you thought about observing Lent this year? There’s no Scriptural requirement to observe Lent—ultimately, it’s just the six week lead-up to Easter Sunday in the church calendar—but many Christians find it helpful and inspirational to observe the Lent season in some way. Generally speaking, when […]

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Lent Devotionals Are Here!

Lent is coming! The season of Lent—the approximately six weeks leading up to Easter Sunday—begins on Wednesday, February 13. To help you focus on Christ during the journey to Easter, we’ve made three Lent email devotionals available!

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A Primer on the Christian Calendar

Do you follow the Christian calendar? I grew up attending churches that didn’t emphasize the Christian calendar, and thus remained largely unaware of it. But the church I currently attend does periodically focus on the Holy Days of the traditional church calendar—and it’s been a wonderful learning experience. After four years of attendance, I’ve begun […]

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The Excitement of Pentecost

There’s electricty in the air today. Today is the celebration of Pentecost, a day two thousand years ago on which something amazing happened: Pentecost.

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Today is Ascension Day

Today, May 17th, is Ascension Day—or the Feast of the Ascension—a day commemorating Jesus’ ascent into heaven. In the Christian calendar, Ascension day always falls forty days after Easter. After the resurrection Jesus returned to His disciples. We read accounts of some of his miracles and appearances at the end of all of the Gospels. […]

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How to Turn Your Lent Bible Reading Habit Into a Year-Long One

Easter marked the end of the season of Lent. And for many of you, it also marked the end of a six-week Bible reading plan! If you’ve just made it through one of our Lent reading plans, consider keeping up the habit by trying out a year-long Bible reading plan.

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Monday Morning Scripture: After the Resurrection

Over the last week, you’ve probably had many opportunities to hear and read the Biblical account of Easter week and Jesus’ resurrection. But the Gospel accounts aren’t quite finished yet!

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Hallelujah! He Is Risen!

Christ is risen! Today is Easter, the day of Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the grave. Three days after his execution, he returned from death to offer us freedom from sin and a restored relationship with God. Hear are the four Biblical accounts of Easter morning.

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