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Three Bible Heroes Who Doubted

Almost everyone has, at some point in their life, doubted—doubted the Bible, God, or key elements of the faith. Here are the stories of three prominent Bible heroes who experienced doubt. Continue reading

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Letters to the Church: Romans

Did you know that most of the books that comprise the New Testament are actually letters? In the days of the early Christian church, it was impractical for the apostles to personally visit each fledgling Christian community, so the central … Continue reading

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Take a 40-Day Journey With Dietrich Bonhoeffer: The Devotional Journey of a Martyr

There was very little spiritual light to be seen in Nazi Germany in the 1940s. Horrific war had engulfed Europe. Hitler’s policies of euthanasia and genocide were rolling forward unchecked. Even as the European war lurched toward its conclusion in … Continue reading

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What the Feeding of the Five Thousand Teaches Us About Community… and Food

Are you familiar with the Biblical story of the feeding of the five thousand? Read a reflection on the power of community… and food. Continue reading

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Monday Morning Scripture: 1 Timothy 6:3-10

Money and wealth are dangerous—they can be put to good use, or they can also consume our lives. What does the Bible say about how we should understand money? Continue reading

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Monday Morning Scripture: 1 John 3

What does it mean to be loved by God? To be called a “child of God”? How would such a person behave, and how would we recognize them? Today, we look at the text of 1 John 3, which talks about the characteristics of a Christ-follower. Continue reading

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Connect with Bible Gateway on Google+

Bible Gateway is now on Google+! If you’ve got a Google account, stop by and say hi! Continue reading

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A Look Back at 2011: Did You Say 100 Million?

In 2011, visitors to accomplished some impressive things! We’ve created a little video infographic to share the details. Continue reading

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Why We’re Reading the Bible in 2012

What’s in store for the Bible Gateway community in 2012? Rachel Barach, Bible Gateway’s general manager, shares her vision for the next year. Continue reading

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Section Headings in the Bible

Have you ever wondered where the bolded section headings in the Bible come from? With the exception of the titles in Psalms, the Bible’s authors didn’t write their books of Bible with chapter or section headings in mind. They were … Continue reading

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