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Be Strong in the Lord

By Dr. Tony Evans Doing battle against Satan requires more than a New Year’s resolution and a dose of will power. Spiritual warfare requires spiritual weaponry. The strength you need to successfully do such battle is supplied by God. That may seem obvious. But, judging from the way we treat this truth, it bears repeating. […]

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Experiencing God Fully

By Dr. Tony Evans Many old football and baseball stadiums have been torn down, and new ones built in their places. The older ones were okay, but they lacked modern improvements and technology. Moreover, many of these older stadiums included seating areas with obstructed views: a beam or a post would block a fan’s full […]

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Faith Works

By Dr. Tony Evans I was once battling a cold and couldn’t shake it. I called my doctor, told him my symptoms, and he told me I didn’t need to come in. He would call in a prescription for me. He told me what medicine he was prescribing and how he wanted me to take […]

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The God of Second Chances

By Dr. Tony Evans Has God ever said something to you, or asked you to do something, that you didn’t like or didn’t want to do? You knew you heard him clearly, but you also knew that you weren’t really into his request, demand, or expectation. In fact, to you it seemed like God was […]

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Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

By Dr. Tony Evans Have you ever watched The Price is Right? There is a particular game on that show called Plinko. Contestants drop giant chips down a slanted board covered in wooden spikes. At its bottom are nine slots, each labeled with a different cash prize amount, ranging in value. The goal is to […]

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How Esther Shows God Has a Purpose for Your Life: An Interview with Dr. Tony Evans

Do you believe God has a purpose for your life, and every action or event that occurs within it has been used to make that purpose a reality? Do you read the story of Esther as a series of coincidences strung together to deliver the Jews from certain death? Or as God having a particular […]

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Revival Is Needed: An Interview with Tony Evans

What is the root of social, economic and political unrest? And why is revival needed in the Christian church? Bible Gateway interviewed Dr. Tony Evans (@drtonyevans) on the topic of revival. His recent book is America: Turning a Nation to God (Moody Publishers, 2015). What do you consider to be the root of social, political […]

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