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“Son of Man” or “Human One?” Tough Translation Questions Raised by the Common English Bible

The Common English Bible sparked much discussion with its use of the phrase “Human One” in place of “Son of Man.” What was the rationale behind this change, and what does it teach us about the challenge of Bible translation?

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Comparing Versions of Romans 7:14-20 Side-by-side

One of my favorite New Testament passages is Paul’s testimony in Romans 7:14-20 about the battle we fight with sin. I decided to read it in several different Bible versions, to see how they each rendered it. Here’s how you can do the same with your own favorite Bible passages.

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When Translating Grammar Changes the Meaning

Joel Hoffman of the God Didn’t Say That blog has an interesting post up about a Bible translation challenge that might seem counter-intuitive at first glance: sometimes directly translating the grammar of the original text actually corrupts the meaning in subtle ways.

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Your response to our question: Why read the New Testament in Greek?

Last month, we invited you to tell us your answer to the following question: Why would you recommend reading the the New Testament in Greek? Here are two of the thoughtful answers sent in by Bible Gateway users.

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Why would you recommend reading the New Testament in Greek?

The launch of the SBL Greek New Testament on Bible Gateway has us thinking about the benefit of having access to the Bible in its original languages. It’s obviously important for pastors and scholars who are involved in Bible translation, but what about for the average Joe in the pews? We could come up with […]

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Owning the KJV in America

A recent USA Today article touts the ubiquitousness of the King James Version (KJV) Bible in the United States. They’re cribbing off of a Lifeway Research study that shows “82 percent of Americans who read the Bible at least once a month own a KJV.” The article includes a video that serves as a good […]

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Appreciating the King James Bible, 400 years later

This year marks the 400th anniversary of arguably the single most influential book in the history of publishing: the King James Bible (abbreviated KJV or KJB). As the May anniversary date approaches, numerous books and many more articles are cropping up to reflect on the KJV’s history and significance. We’ll be sharing interesting articles and […]

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Closing post from the Perspectives in Translation forum: the 5 most intriguing changes in the NIV

Last year, the Perspectives in Translation forum launched to provide a platform for discussing Bible translation issues. While the release of the updated NIV provided a context for those scholarly discussions, posts touched on many different Bible versions and translation questions. This week marks the final regular update of the Perspectives in Translation forum, as […]

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The difference between “S” and “s”

Whenever a Bible translation is released, much discussion and debate takes place—everybody naturally wants to know how it differs from previous translations. What have the translators changed, and why? Most discussion centers on a handful of controversial translation topics, with hot-button issues like gender roles in the church and sexuality often taking prominence….

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Perspectives in Translation forum launches—join the discussion!

What makes a Bible translation accurate? Is accuracy defined by exact faithfulness to the wording of the original text? Or is accuracy a matter of capturing the meaning behind the original words? That’s the opening discussion question at the brand-new Perspectives in Translation forum, which just launched here at Bible Gateway. Join the discussion!

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