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NIV Committee on Bible Translation Adds Newest Member: Rev. Dr. Andrew Shead

The newest member of the New International Version (NIV) Committee on Bible Translation (CBT) is Rev. Dr. Andrew Shead. Of the 15 CBT members, five are from countries other than the United States (India, the United Kingdom, and Australia). [See editions of the NIV Bible translation in the Bible Gateway Store] Shead, who earned his […]

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Bible Translation Reading Levels

[Read the Bible Gateway Blog post, The Bible Table of Contents] [Browse the Bibles section in the Bible Gateway Store, where you’ll enjoy low prices every day] [Read the Bible Gateway Blog post, When Was Each Book of the Bible Written?] Remove banner ads and expand your Bible reading experience using our valuable library of […]

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Wycliffe Associates—Helping to Translate the Bible Where Persecution of Christians Is Severe: An Interview with Bruce Smith

The hard work of Scripture translation has been ongoing for more than 2,000 years. Translation is the communication of the meaning of a source-language text into a target-language text. As anyone who speaks more than one language knows, it takes perseverance and dedication to become so fluent that the original meaning is not lost in […]

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Exploring the Psalms With Bono and Eugene Peterson

Have you seen this conversation between Bono—lead singer of the rock band U2—and Eugene Peterson, author of The Message Bible? It’s an interesting glimpse of two very different artists discussing the ways that Scripture inspires and challenges them. Here’s the video: The video was produced by FULLER Studio, which has a large amount of additional […]

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Remembering Charles Welty and His Work on the International Standard Version

We were saddened this week to learn of the death of Charles Welty, who helped to develop the International Standard Version (ISV) of the Bible. His passion for the Bible in general and for the ISV in particular always shone through brightly in all his interactions with Bible Gateway, and we salute his contributions to […]

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The Africa Study Bible: An Interview with Matthew Elliott

Millions of English-speaking Africans know and love Christ, but for many, God’s Word is hard to grasp. With nearly every full evangelical study Bible written from the viewpoint of the United States and United Kingdom, Africans have lacked a resource that connects with their unique experience, hindering discipleship. But that’s about to change as major […]

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Zondervan Releases NIV Zondervan Study Bible iOS App

The acclaimed NIV Zondervan Study Bible (website) is now available in a convenient and elegant mobile app. Just eight months ago, Zondervan added a vital new member to its study Bible family, the NIV Zondervan Study Bible, spearheaded by general editor and The Gospel Coalition co-founder, D.A. Carson. Now Zondervan’s new, dedicated iOS app brings […]

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How Is a Bible Made?

Have you ever wondered how your Bible was made? I’m not referring to the long history of inspiration, preservation, and translation that brought God’s Word through the ages of history to our bookshelves today—I’m talking about the physical process of creating a printed Bible. Our friends at Crossway have published an interesting video tour of […]

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Take this Survey About the NIV Bible Translation

Zondervan is conducting a survey to hear your opinions about the New International Version (NIV) Bible translation. The survey should take you 10-12 minutes. Plenty of space is allowed for you to tell Zondervan, in your own words, your thoughts and opinions about the NIV. All responses are anonymous and confidential. Upon completion of the […]

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The NIV Zondervan Study Bible: An Interview with Dr. D.A. Carson

The New International Version of the Bible, the world’s most read and most trusted modern-English Bible translation, is now complemented by extensive study notes and resources designed and edited by general editor and The Gospel Coalition co-founder, D.A. Carson. The new NIV Zondervan Study Bible (website) presents the best of evangelical biblical scholarship, appealing to […]

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