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Blog / NET Bible Available in Full-Notes Print Editions

NET Bible Available in Full-Notes Print Editions

Buy your copy of the NET Bible in the Bible Gateway Store where you'll enjoy low prices every dayThe New English Translation (NET Bible) Full-Notes print editions are now available. The NET Bible is the only translation that explains itself in more than 60,000 translators’ notes offering unprecedented scholarly transparency. The print editions are published in Comfort Print by Thomas Nelson Bibles in partnership with Studies Press.

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In the mid-1990s, a multi-denominational team of more than 25 biblical scholars gathered around the shared vision of explaining all the decisions involved in translating the Bible. The first edition was completed in 2001; ongoing revisions based on scholarly and user feedback appeared in 2003 and 2005; and a major update reached its final stages in 2019.

What sets the NET Bible apart from other translations?

Bible translation usually happens behind closed doors—few outside the translation committee get to see the complex decisions underlying the words that appear in their English Bibles. Fewer still have the opportunity to review and speak into the translators’ decisions.

Throughout the NET’s translation process, every working draft was made publicly available on the internet. Bible scholars, ministers, and laypersons from around the world logged millions of review sessions. No other translation is so openly accountable to the worldwide church or has been so thoroughly vetted.

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Buy your copy of the NET Bible in the Bible Gateway Store where you'll enjoy low prices every day

The ultimate accountability was to the biblical text itself. The NET Bible is neither crowdsourced nor a “translation by consensus.” Rather, the NET translators filtered every question and suggestion through the best in biblical linguistics, textual criticism, and their unswerving commitment to following the text wherever it leads. Whenever faced with a difficult translation choice, the translators were free to put the strongest option in the main text, with the notes documenting the challenge, their thought process, and the solution.

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The NET’s uniquely transparent, accountable translation process has been crystalized in the most extensive set of Bible translators’ notes ever created. More than 60,000 notes highlight every major decision, outline alternative views, and explain difficult or nontraditional renderings.

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The first and second editions of the NET were released by Biblical Studies Press. Thomas Nelson is partnering with BSP to steward the publication of the NET moving forward. It will also continue to be available online at (@bibleorg) and on Bible Gateway (@biblegateway).

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The NET Bible is published by HarperCollins Christian Publishing, Inc., the parent company of Bible Gateway.

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