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“Isn’t That Name from the Bible?” How to Use Bible Gateway to Look Up Bible Characters

In a conversation with friends, someone asked who Melzar was. A short discussion ensued in which everyone agreed they were “pretty sure he’s from the Bible.” Then an iPhone was produced to consult with Google to find out whether or not this was, in fact, true. The first Google results contained Bible references interspersed with […]

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How to Share Verses and Devotionals on Twitter, Facebook, and via Email

Did you know you can share any Bible passage on Twitter, Facebook, or by email with just a few clicks? Here are step-by-step instructions for doing so.

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How to Read Bible Commentaries at Bible Gateway (Plus a Sneak Peek at Our Newest Library Addition)

Have you ever struggled to understand a Bible passage? Maybe you’ve wondered about the significance of a particular Scripture verse, or run into a Bible story that doesn’t seem to make sense. If so, you’re far from the only person to have that experience—and Bible Gateway can help! Bible commentaries are reference works that provide […]

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What you’ve been saying about the new Bible Gateway

It’s been just a few days since the New Bible Gateway went live. We’re happy to report that the response has been wonderful! It’s a pleasure to finally be able to show off what we’ve been diligently working on these past months. We also want to point out which features people are liking and make […]

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Share Bible verses with your Facebook friends from Bible Gateway

Have you ever wished there was a simple way to share Bible verses with friends from Bible Gateway? We’ve listened to your suggestions, and at the new Bible Gateway, we’ve made it easy to share Bible passages through Facebook, Twitter, and email. Here’s how to do it.

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How to use a Bible reading plan on Bible Gateway

Bible reading plans are reading schedules that help readers persevere by breaking the Bible text down into short daily readings. Bible Gateway has a collection of Bible reading plans available online–they’re a popular feature and one that can be easily accessed on the new Bible Gateway site. Here’s how to use our reading plans.

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How to read devotionals on Bible Gateway

Ever wished that there were devotionals to read on Bible Gateway in addition to the Bible texts? At the new Bible Gateway site, you can! Here’s how.

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How to view more than one Bible side-by-side at the new Bible Gateway

One of the advantages of having access to more than one Bible translation is that you can read them side-by-side. We’ve worked to make it simple to read more than one Bible in parallel–here’s how to do it on the new Bible Gateway site.

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How to read commentaries alongside Scripture at the new Bible Gateway

Did you know that Bible Gateway has a library of Bible commentaries online? At the new Bible Gateway, we’ve made it easy for you to see what Bible scholars have to say about the Bible passage you’re reading.

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The new, improved Verse of the Day

One of Bible Gateway’s most popular elements has always been the Verse of the Day. So when we began work on the new Bible Gateway, we took the opportunity to make some improvements to the venerable Verse of the Day feature on the homepage.

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