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Adding a Bible Gateway Link to your iPhone’s Home Screen

Want to access Bible Gateway on your iPhone? In just a few simple steps you can add Bible Gateway to your iPhone’s home screen. Once you’ve added it, it functions much like an app: tapping on the Bible Gateway button opens Safari directly to Bible Gateway, where you can use all of our Bible search […]

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The New American Bible gets an update

Earlier this year, we reflected on the ever-changing nature of language, and the challenge this poses to Bible translators. Over the years, words fall out of use or assume different meanings, making even the most solid Bible translations more difficult to read. In the news today is the New American Bible, which is getting a […]

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Parallel Passages: Reading Different Translations Side by Side

We’re often asked if it’s possible to read the same passage in multiple translations side by side on Bible Gateway. Fortunately, the answer is yes! Here’s how.

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Reading multiple Bibles in parallel

One of the most frequently-asked questions we receive at the Bible Gateway is “Can I read more than one Bible in parallel?” Yes, you can! You can view up to five different Bibles simultaneously, and you can display them side-by-side to compare a passage in several different versions. Read on for a short tutorial that shows you how to do so.

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Searching the Bible Gateway from your browser

We’ve talked in the past about different ways to add a Bible Gateway search utility to your web browser. Today, we’ll look at yet another way. This method has the advantage of not requiring you to download or install any new software–the feature is built right in to your browser! If you’re using recent versions […]

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Searching the Bible from your browser address bar

There are a number of good third-party tools and web browser plugins that make it easy to search the Bible Gateway. But if you use the Firefox web browser, there’s a way to do Bible searches right from your browser address bar, without installing any extra software! Doing so is easy–it involves bookmarking a Bible […]

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All about the Verse of the Day

We get a lot of questions about the Verse of the Day feature on the Bible Gateway main page. Today, we’ll look at some common questions (and answers!): Can I put the verse of the day on my website? Yes, you can. The easiest way to do so is to plug a small chunk of […]

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Tutorial: viewing multiple Bibles side-by-side

Did you know that you can view multiple Bibles side-by-side at the Bible Gateway? Doing so is a great way to compare how different Bible versions translate the same passage. And it’s not hard to do–click here (or on the image above) to watch a video tutorial that walks you through all the steps to […]

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Linking to the Bible Gateway: Links and parameters and variables, oh my!

Did you know that you can link to the Bible Gateway from your website? Of course you did–but did you know that you can configure your link to specify the exact Bible version, language, and search terms to display? Today we’ll explore some of these advanced linking techniques.

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How to change your default Bible version

Did you know that you can change the default version of the Bible that the Bible Gateway uses? By default, the Bible Gateway makes use of the New International Version when you do a Bible search—but you can set the Bible Gateway to use any one of the dozens of versions available. Want the Bible […]

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