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Blog / We’re Listening! Answers to Common Questions About the New Bible Gateway

We’re Listening! Answers to Common Questions About the New Bible Gateway

Since we started rolling out the new Bible Gateway website this week, we’ve received many comments and questions from users. (Please keep that feedback coming!) We’ve noticed that some issues are coming up more frequently than others. Here are five of the most common questions and issues we’re hearing about the new website, and what we’ve done to respond to them.

1. What happened to the various options on Bible passage pages–audio, parallel view, text display options, etc.?

All of these options are still present, but many users reported trouble locating them. To make them easier to find, we’ve placed them just above and to the right of Bible passage pages (near the words “Study This”):

Clicking or tapping those icons let you share the Bible passage you’re reading, toggle text display options, add parallel Bibles, and access Scripture audio.

2. How can I resize the font?

We had originally placed the font resizing tool near the bottom of the page. However, it turns out that just hid it from users who were looking for it. We’ve now moved the font resizing tool to the top right of the website, where it’s much more accessible (click to enlarge):


3. It’s hard to navigate the website.

If you’re used to the old Bible Gateway’s lefthand-side navigation menu, the new website might feel confusing to navigate at first. That lefthand navigation bar is gone, but all of the major sections of Bible Gateway can be reached through the menus at the top of each page (click to enlarge):


If you get disoriented or have trouble finding what you’re looking for, mouse over the menu to get your bearings.

4. I don’t like the font.

Some users have expressed a preference for a different font on Bible passage pages. We’re still considering the options on this issue; in the meantime, if you have opinions about Bible Gateway’s default Scripture font, let us know.

5. When I copy/paste Bible text, the translation name is not included.

We’re hearing from some users that copying and pasting Bible text, particularly from within the parallel Bible view, results in some glitchy behavior. We’re working to address this issue now.

As you can see, we take all comments and critiques seriously, and we are doing our best to respond quickly to problems and sources of confusion. Thank you—and keep the feedback coming!

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