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Blog / How to Share Verses and Devotionals on Twitter, Facebook, and via Email

How to Share Verses and Devotionals on Twitter, Facebook, and via Email

Did you know you can share any Bible passage on Twitter, Facebook, or by email with just a few clicks? Anywhere a verse appears on Bible Gateway, you’ll see this set of icons:

You can usually find them located next to the title of the content. Take a look at the top right of the following screenshot to see where they’re placed for a verse like John 3:16:

Clicking on one of these buttons opens a window from which you can share the verse on Facebook, Twitter, or email. Here’s what that window looks like for each, respectively:




Take a second to add an optional message and confirm that you want to share it, and you’re done!

We’ve placed this icon set wherever there’s content that lends itself to sharing. In addition to Bible passages, you can share devotionals (like Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening or Discovering God’s Design) using the process described above for sharing Bible verses.

That’s it! We hope you find this useful the next time you stumble across a timely Bible verse that you want to share with someone who could use a bit of Scriptural encouragement.

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