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How to read devotionals on Bible Gateway

Ever wished that there were devotionals to read on Bible Gateway in addition to the Bible texts? Over the last year, we’ve added devotional content to Bible Gateway for the first time—but most of it has been in the form of email newsletters and devotionals. Is there a way to read that devotional content on the Bible Gateway website itself?

At the new Bible Gateway site, the answer is “Yes!” We’ve made some of our most popular devotional content available to browse and read on the new Bible Gateway. Here’s how to access it.

First, visit the preview of the new Bible Gateway at

Look for a new Devotionals item in the menu on the left side of the site:

Clicking Devotionals brings you to the Devotionals page, where you can see a list of the devotional content that’s available to read online. (Currently, these are All the Men of the Bible, All the Women of the Bible, and Charles Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening; we plan to add more in the future.) Click on the devotional you want to read, and you’ll be taken to the current day’s reading (or week’s reading, in the case of weekly devotionals). You can read past devotionals (or future ones) by using the calendar in the upper right:

You can also easily share a particular devotional with your friends using the Facebook, Twitter, and Email sharing buttons next to the devotional’s title:

(If you haven’t noticed, we’ve added similar sharing buttons throughout the new Bible Gateway site—for instance, at the Verse of the Day and on individual Bible passage pages. Bible Gateway visitors have long requested an easy way to share verses and other content with friends, and we’ve tried to make that as easy as possible on the new site.)

You may have noticed that not all of our email devotionals are available to read online on the Devotionals page. Some of the devotionals provided by Bible Gateway partners are archived on our partners’ websites rather than on Bible Gateway, so to browse past archives of (for instance) the Girlfriends in God Devotional or Encouragement for Today, you’ll want to visit the Girlfriends in God and Encouragement for Today websites respectively.

We hope this makes it easy to access encouraging, inspirational devotional content alongside your Scripture reading at Bible Gateway. As with all of the features on the new Bible Gateway site, we encourage you to try it out at and let us know what you think using the feedback link at the top of the site.

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