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Blog / New email devotional: Read the Christmas story with your family

New email devotional: Read the Christmas story with your family

Have you and your family read the Christmas story lately?

Most of us are familiar with the story of Mary and Joseph and the first Christmas. But there’s more to the Christmas story than Bethlehem. The story of the promised Messiah’s arrival is a thread woven through all of the Bible, Old and New Testament alike.

We’re excited to announce a new way to experience the complete Christmas story: our Family Reading Bible Christmas Story email devotional. Starting on December 13 and running to January 1, this email devotional walks you through the story of Christmas, from the prophets to the epistles. Each day’s devotional reading is accompanied by discussion questions and interesting facts, making it a perfect family devotional experience this Christmas.

Sign up to receive this free daily devotional at our Newsletters page. And while you’re there, it’s not too late to sign up for our Advent devotional as well. We hope these devotionals help you and your family focus on the Savior this Christmas!

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