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The New Bible Gateway Arrives Next Week!

It’s almost here! The new Bible Gateway arrives next week! Beginning on Monday, June 23, we’ll roll out the new Bible Gateway, starting with a small percentage of visitors and adding more as the week goes on. If you’ve followed our ongoing discussion of the new website, you know that it retains everything you love […]

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Bible Gateway Beta Website

What do you think of the Bible Gateway beta website so far? The beta has been available for several weeks now, and we’ve been hard at work making fixes and improvements based on visitor feedback. As the beta period has gone on (and as the date of the new website’s official launch draws closer), we’ve […]

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New: Unlock Digital Study Tools at Bible Gateway

Did you know that you can build your own library of Bible study and reference books at the new Bible Gateway? For many years, Bible Gateway has made a varied selection of Bible reference works freely available alongside your Bible reading. (They’re available in the Related Resources drawer alongside any Bible passage page. This video […]

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Personalize Your Bible Gateway Experience With Your Own Account

One of the most important and useful features at Bible Gateway is the ability to create a Bible Gateway account. An account lets you personalize your Bible Gateway experience—when you’re logged into your account, you can take notes while you read Scripture, highlight your favorite verses, and keep everything synchronized with all your devices: desktop, […]

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Interview: Rachel Barach on the New Bible Gateway

Why is Bible Gateway launching a new site now? What new features can you expect to find in it? We recently unveiled the public beta of the next Bible Gateway website. We thought it would helpful to talk to Rachel Barach, Bible Gateway’s general manager, about the direction behind new site. Why is Bible Gateway […]

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Getting the Most Out of Reading the Bible at the New Bible Gateway

Hopefully, by now you’ve had a chance to try out Bible Gateway’s beta website. There’s a lot that’s new there—but the one part of the new Bible Gateway that we put the most blood, sweat, and tears into isn’t actually “new” at all! It’s the Bible passage page (here’s an example), where you read Bible […]

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Take a Tour of the Bible Gateway Beta Website

Have you taken a look at the new Bible Gateway beta website yet? Want a quick overview of what you’ll find there? Here’s a quick video tour of the new site:

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What People Are Saying About the Bible Gateway Beta Website

Wow—we announced the Bible Gateway beta website just a few hours ago, but the feedback is already rolling in! Here are a few of the comments we’ve seen on Twitter. (You can join in by checking out the beta website and following @biblegateway on Twitter.) A great place for Bible study, devotional material, and blogs […]

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Get a Sneak Peek at the New Bible Gateway!

A new, much-improved Bible Gateway website is coming! We invite you to try out a fully-functional beta version at

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Bible Gateway in 2012: What’s Next?

What’s next for Bible Gateway in 2012? Lots, starting with a mobile app, bookmarking and note-taking, and more devotional content. Read about what’s coming later this year!

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