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Did You Know That the Founder of Christianity Was Jewish?

You’ve probably seen artistic renderings of Jesus with flowing golden or bronze hair. Maybe you’ve watched a movie or two with an Anglo-Saxon cast as the Son of God—complete with a perfectly posh British accent. Sorry to break it to you, but this isn’t the Jesus of the Bible. Instead, it’s a Jesus straight out […]

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Did You Know Jesus’ Ancestors Are Not Who You Think They Are?

The story of one of history’s most famous persons begins in a manger. It ends on a cross… and then at an empty tomb. Of course, I’m talking about Jesus of Nazareth, whose birth we celebrate at Christmas, and whose death and resurrection we commemorate at Easter. [Read the Bible Gateway Blog post, Did You […]

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Did You Know the Saying “God Helps Those Who Help Themselves” Isn’t in the Bible?

While discussing God’s relationship to people and their circumstances, a friend quoted a phrase many people assume is in the Bible: “God helps those who help themselves.” He isn’t alone: one in 8 Americans believe the Bible not only teaches this, but that it says this, too. And yet if you went searching for it […]

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