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Why We’re Reading the Bible in 2012

Rachel Barach, Bible Gateway’s general manager, reflects on the past year and what lies in store for the Bible Gateway community in 2012. This is the first in a series of three posts. Continued in part 2.

It may be late January, but I’m still wishing everyone a Happy New Year. Has the month of January gone by so fast already? We’ll blink, and it’ll be 2013. Even so, I am savoring the idea of filling up 2012 with wonderful things.

To that end, I want to take just a moment of your time to thank you for being a part of the community at You are part of one of the largest and most important movements in our day—that movement is the millions of people who are discovering God through His Word in the practice of daily Scripture reading.

John chapter 1 in the NIV begins: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

Scripture is not just a handbook for living—although it guides us perfectly. Scripture is God’s Word, the embodiment of His nature in words. By studying Scripture, we are studying God. By spending time in the Word, we are spending time with Jesus. We know Him by reading and studying the words He gave us. We become like Him by immersing ourselves in Him through His Word.

Simply put: reading the Bible changes us. When millions upon millions of people are reading the Bible, we can change the world.

And make no mistake—change is happening.

All of us at Bible Gateway are continuing our personal commitments to read and be changed by Scripture every day. We are also a part of the Uncover the Word movement, a national collaboration of Bible publishers, agencies, and distributors dedicated to starting and nurturing a movement toward the daily practice of reading Scripture.

Won’t you join us?

If you haven’t already, start a reading plan, or sign up to receive daily Scripture verses or reading plans via email. And be an even greater part of God’s profound work through His Word—in your life and in the world.

Continue to part 2!

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